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InvestigateThem and Surveillance Investigation Services is a professional investigative firm, headquartered in Connecticut, providing a wide range of investigative services from child custody to marital, family domestic, corporate, insurance, legal and financial communities. Our aim is to provide the best possible service to our clients in an efficient, cost-effective and practical manner, while at the same time, preserving the elements of a personalized traditional client relationship. Our seasoned private investigators have years of experience.

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Wethersfield, CT 06109

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    • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
      Before Hiring a Private Investigator or Firm Some tips to help you in selecting which private investigator or firm to work with. Are they Licensed with the State The vast majority of states almost all require private investigators or a private investigation agency to obtain a licence to perform any form of investigation. However Colorado,Idaho, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Wyoming do not require” a private investigators or a private investigation agency to obtain a licence. So be "“cautious" of any company who claims to be licensed in these states. A Private investigator should be able to produce a copy of such a license immediately for you. Many companies offer services background checks, cell numbers, email traces, etc ...these companies are completely unregulated. These companies are "information brokers" who have access to databases of public records, voters registration filings, etc. These companies offer bank asset searches, background checks really they are nothing more than database searches of old public records basically its a scam. If you would like to know what each state requires just click here. Our firm is regulated by the Connecticut Department of Public Safety requirements click here. If you would like to verify all private investigators, private investigation firm, bail bonds, and security firms that a licensed in Connecticut click here. Very important!!! Before you hire anyone of any purpose check a few of these sites on the web. BBB (Find Business Reviews) RipOffReport Snopes ScamBusters FBI (Scams Safety/e-Scams) Experience Some private investigators have little or no investigation or surveillance experience. Example a lot of investigation firms pride themselves that they have investigators retired from a law enforcement or military career. That may be great if you're in need of a security officer or maybe a bodyguard. You should know the background of your investigator or the firm. In Connecticut the Department of Public Safety has a list of the qualifications and also a list of agencies that are licensed in the state. It is vital that you understand what kind of qualifications and experience that a surveillance investigator needs. You don't want a kid with a video camera conducting surveillance for you. It is opinion that you need someone who does this type of surveillance regularly and have been trained specially for covert operations both in the classroom and especially in the field. They do not need to be former police officers, FBI agents, secret service etc. You want someone that'’s been trained specifically for surveillance. Are they Licensed and Bonded and Insured Never work with an agency that'’s not licensed Bonded and insured. The firm or investigator who you hire is working for you, as your agent. When you hire a firm or private investigator they are working for you so if a predicament; property damage, mishap, etc. and then you find out they did not have the proper licence, insurance. bond you may be legally responsible of their actions. Every agency will have a copy of licence and insurance for you just ask for it. Contract A contract between you and the investigation firm indicating what you are hiring the P.I. for and what you will get in return. If they refuse a contract don'’t even think about hiring them.
    Coverage Area for InvestigateThem is about 150+ miles of Wethersfield, CT.