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We put our customers first, which means, we explain the industry from top to bottom, and allow our prospective clients the opportunity to see for themselves why is the class of the auto transport industry. We are rated A by the BBB and a 5-star Gold Rated transporter with Transport Reviews. We pride ourselves on helping consumers who have been lied to by our competitors. We understand the vehicle transport industry differently than our competition. We have a combined 35 years of experience in the Transport and Logistics industry. Try us out, you will be glad you did.
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  • Robert J. Nov 22, 2015
    Scam artists who stole $4300 from us. We thought this was a professional transporting company, turns out theyre just a broker who cant fulfill theyre obligations. After paying $4300 deposit on a $10,000 quote, and being handed off to 3 different truck drivers (who didnt care if SYCN EVER called them back) over a 45 day period, we took matters into our own hands, and found a trucker to haul it within 3 days, for around 6gs. When we contacted SYCN to demand our deposit back, as they couldnt fulfill the contract, they claimed they have insurance and permit costs, and that theyre actually losing 25% by keeping our money. Call trucking companies, avoid brokers, theyre worse than used cars salesmen
  • Anonymous C. Jan 20, 2015
    Please READ THIS REVIEW TO SAVE YOURSELF MONEY, TIME, ENERGY & YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM! Honestly, as busy as I am, I would never take time to write this, however, I may just feel responsible to save the next person who attempts, and I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH ATTEMPTS HERE to ship a vehicle with this scammers. Where do I begin?! I should have believed all the other people who left there share of warnings! All that all others say is true!! In the very beginning they will be your best friends and will assure you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. SCAM!!!!!! STOP AS SOON YOU CAN AND DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM. Just be clear, I am four months into the transaction and I CANNOT EVEM LOCATE THE CAR, HAVE NO WAY OF REACHING THESE TWO PEOPLE (Randle and Ruben) and am fed up with "tomorrows' and next weeks' bs" I have lost 10 times more money up till minute than I could have ever imagined in the worst scenario but the even more horrific thing is that there is no trace of my car and no way pf knowing when this all will be over! The only next thing left is legal measures. Randle and Ruben are the two people you will be most likely dealing with. First, Randle will be the one in charge, exactly until the time you post your payment. Then, you are off to Ruben. It would be unfair to say that they did nothing write, they did answer all of the phone calls and got all the info I needed, but all this PRIOR TO THE SHIPPING. 1.The first very red flag came with their inability to get the CO. We first were assured and I quote "I will have this done in a week and wont even charge you." Reality - we cannot do this, you have to do it on your own. 2. The driver who was supposed to pick the car was ruder than you can ever imagine, was late and had no idea when to pick up the car. Could have stopped here... 3. After the car was loaded (and btw I was lied about this as well!!!!!) things started to go downhill BIG TIME. I have started to loose contact with the company, Randle is already no where to be found and for all the billions of problems that are already approaching you by this time Ruben will be the one coming up with even a bigger numerical amount of excuses and fairytales' like explanations of why things just don't happen the write way. The car will be impossible to find for about months and all you will get would be BULLSHIT 4. They will start asking for some cosmic documents and be saying that it is stuck at the customs due to allegedly your fault. You will be loosing hair and trying to provide whatever it is is required (LETS COME BACK AND REMEMBER THAT YOU ALREADY PAID AND WERE PROMISED 5 weeks TOTAL UNTIL THE FINAL DESTINATION) this is already months - 3!!!! And no lead of the vehicle. Moving on, you do everything possible and more to get the necessary paperwork and you do, but its just NEVER ENOUGH BECAUSE IT IS ALL A lie!!!!!!!!!!!! Until this day no lead of my car and this SCAMMERS CONTINUE TO GET CUSTOMERS AND HAVE A PROSPERING SCAMMING SCHEME. Run for your life. The only Thing they deserve is to be taken to a LAW SUIT AND HAVE THIS COMPANY SHUT DOWN. I have spent an unspeakable amount of time, money, human resources and sleepless nights, not to mention lost my solid reputation and trust for nothing!!! Please be ware, you will be in the same situation. RUN RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM SHIP YOUR CAR NOW!!! Overpay for your sanity and having your car actually reach the destination. I hope this will help someone.
  • Pablo M. Jan 10, 2014
    After we get agree on the shipping for $800 with Steve (nice Guy), the carrier cancel the shipping with out me being notified neither from the carrier or the broker (Ship your car now). Car was inoperable and I state that in the very beginning. Unfortunately I was not aware when I sign "electronically" the "Right of Signature", that was a sort of contract with them...and state that the car was in working order. After Steve offers me to do the service for $950 this time... and I was agree. But took them for ever to find a carrier...they never did actually, so I decide to go with an other broker because I was in a hurry to ship the car due some storage charges. So I asked for a refund on my $150 deposit... Then I talked with Ryan...WHAT A PIECE!!!! WITH ABSOLUTELY LACK OF RESPECT (witch I reply of course-I’m the costumer), TREAT ME LIKE SHIT, AND HAD THE NERVE TO TOLD ME THAT WAS MY FAULT FOR SIGNING A PAPER WITH A WRONG STATEMENT. $150 was the deposit...NOW STOLEN FOR THIS... The good part: It took me just $150 to know about their “5 START SERVICE” All my friends and business acquaintances now know about their “5 START SERVICE”, too (they get it for free though) LOL.
  • Andre W. Oct 7, 2013
    They were very fast and professional. I attempted to have my car shipped through another company scheduling about two weeks prior. But the other company canceled the day before and still has my deposit. To believe than I called the this company one day prior to my flight I talked to a man named Issac and he took care of everything for me.Its really hard for me to understand that I called him 4:00pm in his timezone in FL and he was able to call me be 9:00am on the dot as he said we would with a driver. At a very fair price that is incredible. The driver came that day of my flight was able to be there and pick it up at 6:00pm.My car arrived 3 days later and let me tell you that driver could drive the F*ck out of a truck because he had to do some serious tactical placement to get to both pick up and delivery.Much thanks and blessings to Issac and that driver because i would have been screwed without my car. If I had the cash I would have gave them both a big tip.
  • Flora W. Jul 29, 2013
    Ship Your Car Now pickup up my car from my home in Mississippi and delivered to my new home in Georgia so fast and the people were so friendly and helpful. I recommend this company to everybody and let them know how professional and friendly Ship Your Car Now is.
  • John S. Mar 12, 2013
    Took a deposit to move my car the. Raised the price the. Never showed was told they needed a few more days and would not refund the money unless car was stolen or owner dead. Moved out of state and could not wait. Continued to raise prices and threaten customer. Already reported them to the bank for potential fraud. Charged for services not rendedred and will not refund money. $$$update$$$. Received two phone calls from Dwayne who has asked me to take this down. If I do I will get a refund in two days. If Dwayne said it would take as long as need be. Talk about cohertion. Stated I would update it to state I received an refund if I got one. Dwayne stated the whole thing must come down or I am liable for deformation even though the rate was raised. Check this out @@@@ John, As per our conversation you informed me that when you are refunded you will be taking your negative posts down from all the sites you have contacted (Transport Reviews, BBB etc.) Please confirm that you will be doing this. - Regards, Dwayne Hall Ship Your Car Now@@@@' The company can state whatever they want but this email is CYOA and an attempt to silence an unhappy customer. NEVER do business with them unless you want a headache or hasten. Here is another one@@@@ We can cancel your order, but we do not issue refunds in this department. If you would like to request a refund please send a certified, notarized letter via postal mail, Fedex, or UPS. Please send the request to 2200 N. Federal Highway Suite 206, Boca Raton, FL 33431 and address it to the Accounting Department. Please include your full name, order ID, vehicle, transport route, and also include any documentation for the reason of cancelling e.g. vehicle was stolen (police report)..owner of vehicle passed away(death certificate). @@@. So they didn't provide a truck and I have to go through this haste for a refund. I mean come on a death certificate.


What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
When looking to transport your vehicle make sure that you know who you're dealing with. Be sure that you only work with five-star, independently reviewed companies like Ship Your Car Now, LLC. Our customer reviews on speak for themselves!
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
Prices are set by Owner Operators, not brokers and not consumers. Too often people think they can move there vehicle at a cheaper tariff because a broker had under priced them. Reality is, if you do not offer the amount of money that drivers on said route are looking for, than your vehicle will NEVER move. This is difficult to understand, hence why we try to explain the Industry to every prospective client we come in contact with. We are a customer first organization. We ship cars for the American working class, because that is who we are, and that is who we care about.