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Fort Myers Beach, FL

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We do more than teach your dog basic commands - We give you control you can rely on by building the proper relationship with your dog using Love, Consistency, Fairness and Leadership. We teach your dog our pup that YOU ARE HIS LEADER AND HE WORKS FOR YOU TO CALM DOWN AND TO PAY ATTENTION AND TO LEARN TO IGNORE DISTRACTION. We train you AND your Dog. In our Dog or Puppy Bootcamp your Dog moves into our Home - This is not a kennel nor is it a daycare setting. This is The BEST OBEDIENCE TRAINING PROGRAM AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET - GUARANTEED!!

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We Love Dogs and working with Families to help them reach their full potential


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16 Reviews
  • Pat H. Mar 13, 2017
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    The aggressive Rottweiler post surgery!
    Ron with Aztec Dog Training is currently working with us and our 11 month old female Rottweiler who showed aggression post surgery. We have had 3 sessions so far and see great improvement using the techniques for dealing with negative behavior and redirecting her attention. We are very satisfied with Aztec dog training.
  • Carlesse C. Feb 18, 2017
    Dog Training - Board and Train
    Verified Review
    I could not be more pleased. We left our stubborn 1 year old poodle with Ron and Melissa for two weeks and returned to find a well mannered and crate trained doggie. Ron taught us methods to control our doggie at home and they work! Money well spent folks! Sign your doggie up today and get the results you need.
  • Brenda H. Dec 11, 2016
    Dog Training - Board and Train
    Verified Review
    Everything Ron said he would do, he did. The goals that were set were definitely met. My puppies came back home so much better behaved. Ron cares for the dogs as though they were his own. I have to go out of town for a couple of weeks and Ron is going to kennel them for me and continue their training. Thank you Aztec! I would highly recommend Aztec/Ron to anyone wanting their puppies trained.
  • Cynthia T. Jul 8, 2016
    Dog Training - Board and Train
    Verified Review
    Ron knows his stuff!! My stubborn Boston Terrier was very bad about potty training and was just belligerent about everything. Henry came back to me knowing his stuff. Ron takes the time to train you train your puppy in most basic skills. The dog had me trained!! Now I can follow up on what I was taught by Ron. He even follows up with emails and a "brush up lesson" if you need it.
  • Sandy F. Jun 25, 2016
    WE Took our Yorkie Puppy to Ron and Melissa when he was 8 weeks old - they took him from our hands and kept him in their home for 18 days. We were really not sure what to expect. We had never had a dog trained before. Ron explained to us that dog training is misunderstood to never use food as a bribe - I was very skeptical but Ron came highly recommended bu a friend who was going to put their dog down until they met Ron so I was willing to give it a shot. His prices were reasonable considering the dog stayed in his home and not a kennel and all followup lessons are included. When we got our puppy back we were shocked!!! Not only did he listen - HE WAS HAPPY!!! We are ever so thankful to them and recommend ANYONE GETTING A PUP TO LOOK UP AZTEC DOG TRAINING AND PUPPY BOOTCAMP - It will be the best investment you will ever make...Thanks again Ron and Melissa
  • Ralph R. Mar 21, 2016
    Approximately 4 years ago my family and I obtained a bullmastiff puppy and decided we needed to find some type of training as eventually she would be over 100 pounds. Living in West Virginia I spent roughly a month talking with people and doing internet searches and that’s when I learned of Ron and his boot camp. After several phone calls we made the trip to Cincinnati and our Bella spent two weeks with Ron and his wife. It was by far the best decision I have ever made as Bella to this day still follows all the commands she was taught roughly four years ago. Now to the present Christmas 2015 I was offered a puppy this one is also a Mastiff but his mother is a Great Dane. But before excepting this new guy in our home I called and spoke with Ron and learned he and his wife had moved to sunny Southwest Florida. Driving to Cincy for Miss Bella was like a 3-hour drive but from here to Florida is 18 hours. It however was an easy decision and Ron and Melissa went above and beyond to make this happen and I cannot thank them enough. Mr. Butch is now part of the family (fully trained) and when guest come over both dogs go to there place as they also do when we have dinner. Taking them on walks is amazing as both of them stay by our sides. I have no future plans on adding more dogs to our family but if I ever would, I would send them to Ron and Melissa even if they moved to Alaska.
  • Stephanie S. Mar 3, 2016
    I don't even know where to begin with how pleased I am with Ron and Melissa at Aztec dog training. Our Australian Shepherd Darwin was out of control. He was a runner, we couldn't get him to sit, he would nip, he growled at the kids, he really was the pack leader at our house. Recently he escaped from our backyard and went after a neighbors minpin. Luckily no one was hurt, but my husband and I were at the end of our rope. Darwin couldn't be in the house during the day because we were worried for the kids and he couldn't be walked on a leash because he could go after another dog. I called Ron, and I was desperate to get Darwin help. It was either get him help or rehome him. Ron immediately made me feel comfortable just talking with him. We lived 3 hours away in Lake Worth, FL and asked if we could bring Darwin that night at 11pm and to my amazement they agreed and waited up for us to bring Darwin. Right when we got to Aztec and Ron handled Darwin, I could tell we did the right thing. The dog immediately seemed different. Darwin stayed for 3 weeks, and I'm positive we got a lot more then we paid for. When we came to pick Darwin up he was walking on a leash without choking himself and he wasn't pulling the trainer everywhere, he was calm. It was amazing. He sat, he laid down, he even stayed. Even more astonishing, there was another dog there and he didn't even seem to notice. Darwin seemed to have so much respect for Ron. As if this wasn't enough, we were given a training session with him and written instructions. We spend 10 minutes a day working with him and everyday we see improvement. We are even integrating him into our family. He's actually in the house almost all day! I'm also very pleased with the follow up care. Any time I need advice or have a problem I text Ron and he immediately gets back to us, day or night. He always has the answer. And believe me I have texted upset and confused and lost. The support is invaluable. Ron and Melissa really know this profession. If you have a dog that needs training in south florida, whether aggressive, skitish, or just general obedience, Aztec Dog Training is the place to take your beloved pup. Melissa and Ron we can't thank you enough for your help with Darwin.
  • Angela P. Apr 19, 2015
    Ron, You are awesome! We tried other training and we were not getting an were with our dog Trigger. He is an Old English Bulldog with high energy , he was destroying our furniture and biting us and we could not control him. Once Ronald Pfierman took him in for Bootcamp , he came home a different dog . We are able to take him on walks and he walks beside us, he listens to our commends . No longer jumping on people or furniture . We can't thank you enough Ron, with out your help he would have controlled us in our own home. People are very impressed how well he is trained. Thank you! Thank you! God Bless. The Poling Family
  • John K. Apr 19, 2015
    I consider myself a totally satisfied customer, and not only did Ron help me tremendously with my dog Rocky, but also I learned a lot about how dogs relate to their owners. As a result, a lot of small things that allow Rocky to really every day are a direct result of the little things that Ron shared with me. Couldn't ask for more. John Keene, Colerain Township
  • Elizabeth W. Apr 18, 2015
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Ron is wonderful! I highly recommend him! Our German Shepard was out of control and unable to even be walked due to her high strung and out of control behavior. She is now able to be part of the family. She is clam, loving , and obedient after a few weeks with Ron. We can now walk her and she is a great dog. Best money I ever spend. I have even referred a friend to Ron:)
  • Carrie E. Apr 9, 2015
    This man actually hung up on me and my fiance just because we don't crate train! He didn't even try to teach us...he just hung up after being extremely rude! This man seemed very shady from the start. I would NEVER trust someone like him!!!
    Ronald P. Apr 18, 2015

    I have never and would never hang up on anyone asking legitimate questions - A lot of time I find myself giving people free advice and I will as long as it is safe to do so - As far as people not using their crate - It is something very common I run into - IN response to me teaching them - for safety reasons Any teaching doesn't occur until after training starts. If I do feel someone is absolutely against or refuses outright to try something as imperative as using a crate - I will end the call by saying " I'm sorry but I don't think our philosophies are compatible and refer them to another good trainer I know. It could also be as simple as a dropped call but I am always very courteous to anyone that calls.

  • Marcia T. Oct 29, 2014
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    We bought our new Puppy To Ron at just 8 weeks old - we talked to 5 other trainers who stated our "max" was too young to Obedience train - boy were they not only wrong but Ron not only Obedience trained max - he fixed his nipping habits, jumping, running off and even his bad Housebreaking routine - I would highly recommend anyone who gets a Puppy to go to Ron for Training - He is truly THE BEST - Thanks again Ron
  • Tracey B. Dec 6, 2013
    Ron Pfierman saved the life of my niece's puppy, Daisy. We are so thankful for Ron and what he did for Daisy. We are a family of dogs. I have 2, our mom has 2 and our dad has 3 and Tracey has Daisy. We just couldn't consider putting a family member down unless there were no other option. Ron was our only option and he saved Daisy's life. He does not know this - but in our household's, Ron is known as Uncle Ron. Out of the kindness of his heart and his love for dogs, he took on our little Cujo. He did not do this as a business person. He probably lost money on little Daisy because of the amount of effort he had to put into rehabilitating her. I would recommend Ron to anyone for any dog training. Not just special cases. He helped me with my dogs . Not only did he save Daisy's life, he has taught me to be a better dog owner. I learned things from just watching him work with my dogs. Thank you, again, Uncle Ron. Sincerely - Jamie, Tracey, Brooke, Daisy, Lily and Moose.
  • Michelle R. Nov 17, 2013
    MIN- PIN TESTIMONIAL I took my sweet but extremely wirey and aloof Min Pin to Ron for training in March of 2102. I had been to several dog trainers - to no avail. Ron was amazing. He not only trained my dog but me and my 9 yr old daughter how to handle her. She is now a pleasure to be with - we can't thank Ron enough - I would recommend Ron for anyone who wants a truely Masterful and professional trainer. He took our dog into his home for 2 weeks for "bootcamp" style training and she was happy, healthy and much more well behaved when she came home. He even offered us Free Followup Lessons - Ron is Cincinnati's TRUE DOG WHISPERER! by: Michelle - Highly Recommended
  • David T. Nov 17, 2013
    David T. SHIBA INU TESTIMONIAL My wife and I looked for a trainer for our 12 week old shiba inu "cypher" for about 3 weeks before finding Ronald's service.. Cypher was a complete monster to put things lightly.Ronald was up for the challenge and did not sugar coat anything about what type of dog we had. When i met him he first showed me his place and where the training would occur and where my puppy would be housed, i felt really good about the area and knew that my puppy would be taken care of , i could tell they loved dogs and ours would be completely safe. Ronald kept cypher for 2 weeks and let me tell you , he has gone from little monster to little angel. at no point did i notice any type of mistreatment of any kind to my dog. Ronald is a great trainer and a really good person whom loves animals and wouldn't harm them, I truly believe that's why he does this, i will 100% use his services again as soon as my wife allows me to get an american eskimo!
  • Jill L. Oct 30, 2013
    October 2013 - I don’t normally write reviews and rarely give top marks but Ron is incredible!! If you are reading this review and are in search of a trainer – stop here – do yourself a favor and hire Ron. The great thing is Ron trains dogs out of state as well as in - state, we are lucky that he is not that far away but if you live out of state you can make arrangements with Ron to get your dog trained. We have 2 German Shepherd puppies we purchased and had them since they were 6 weeks old. They are great dogs but they don’t listen. They can do a couple tricks, but they also jumped up on people and they had a relational bond issue. At 4 months old they are dragging us down the street on their walks. 4 months old just imagine if we didn’t get any help, we wouldn’t be able to walk them. Everyone told us we would have to rehome one of our pups because it would never work. We were appalled because we love both of them. They are a part of our family and we will do whatever it takes to keep them together. I called a couple professional trainers and no one wanted to help us since our GSD's were male and brothers. Then I saw Ronald Pfierman (Cincinnati Dog Bootcamp, video on You Tube watched it several times, kept going back to it ( I think divine intervention) and decided to give him a call. He was so awesome on the phone. I told him our situation and he gave me some ideas to use with the dogs before we had a chance to bring them in. He also said it sounded like we were doing a good job with them and it made us feel better about everything. I convinced my husband that Ron could help us. As he had thought we could train the on our own. So my husband and I took our two German shepherd dogs to Ron at 4 months old. Ron couldn't believe the size of our dogs and said it was a good thing we brought them in because they would be harder to control as they grew up together with bad habits. In 10 minutes he had James under control, heeling, sitting etc. it was amazing. He then did the same with Jesse. Jesse has had a problem jumping on people. He took Jesse and had him heeling, sitting and listening in 10 minutes and then he worked on the jumping up on me. In 3 passes Jesse no longer jumped on me. My husband and I were amazed. Of course Ron explained that what he is able to do with the dogs can also be transferred to us but we would have to do our homework and transfer the leadership skills from himself to one of us first off and then both of us a couple weeks down the line. Ron and Melissa are two wonderful people. They have a nice clean home and kept the dogs in the house and in a very clean area. Their home doesn't smell of dogs at all as a matter of fact if you didn’t see the cages lined up in the room, you wouldn't know an animal was in the home. The vet needs to take a lesson from Ron and Melissa. The great thing about Ron's training is that he is so good with the dogs. They respect him. I think he loves them as much as we do:) Before we took Jesse, home Ron trained me on what I need to do to keep Jesse on the right track with training at home and taking the leadership role. It’s been two weeks and we took Jesse home yesterday and at first we let him check out the house and I saw that if we didn’t do what Ron said, Jesse would try to take back the leadership role. Ron warned us that this would happen. He said your same old loveable dog is there, he just needs to know who has the leadership in the house and if you don’t use the stall chain, it will make it harder to take control. So we did exactly what Ron told us. Jesse tried testing us early in the morning barking and making a racket but we just ignored him to show him that we are in control and not him. Not everyone in the household was happy but I plan on doing things exactly as Ron has instructed us so our dogs are great in the home and outside and with visitors. You have to get your dog to see you as the leader and not Ron. My training this morning went Awesome. Jesse listened to me and sat and stayed in his place as told. It was crazy awesome. Then I came in the house and texted Ron to make sure I was doing everything right so that Jesse wasn't confused. Ron is patient and caring and he doesn't mind a million questions via text or phone call. This guy is awesome!!! Now, my husband will be doing the same with James. Bob will be the leader and our dog James who is a major Alpha dog has seen this too. I can’t say enough about this guy. He has really turned our pups into well behaved little guys. We have gotten numerous compliments on how well behaved they are since we've gotten them trained. We have referred several of our friends to him as well. If you are looking for a true dog whisperer, who cares about your family member and will make a huge difference in both of your lives in a positive and caring way you need to give Ron a call. As a matter of record, Ron has continued to reach out to us about coming back in for a review of our training to make sure everything is going great. He has made a believer at out of my husband, who was a real skeptic. My husband Bob said "I am indebted to you Ron. It's a pleasure having our puppies around now." I feel God led me to Ron and I am 100% Satisfied!!!


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Doggy Bootcamp - My wife Melissa and I have been working on perfecting a method that I first Pioneered back in early 2005. This program is a culmination of my life's work. Every dog lives his life based on pack mentality, structure, consistency and Leadership. We get you and your Dog or Puppy on the right path - We use a home setting to teach you dog to be calm and behave thru all real life challenges. Our Training Programs are Custom Designed to suit your needs, are simple, are scientifically sound and gentle.