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First, most technicians who perform non-hardware repairs such as Windows O/S problems/crashes and optimize slow-running computers frequently take the easy way out by re-installing Windows or resetting the computer to factory defaults. This results in loss of programs, data files, and customizations such as wallpapers, screensavers, desktop shortcuts, etc. I am able to repair most Windows and software problems in addition to optimizing computers for speed without the customer losing any needed programs or data. Second, due to my background as a software engineer developing low-level Windows drivers, I have an excellent understanding of the internals of the Windows O/S and I am able to troubleshoot and repair several types of problems that many others are unable to solve without resetting the computer to factory defauts. Third, I have always had an unbelievable talent for troubleshooting almost any type of problem. I solved a digital phone/internet problem at my neighbor's home that trained technicians had been unable to solve during 3 separate in-home visits. I determined what caused a customer's DSL modem to frequently lose its configuration and prevented it from occurring again after several technicians failed to identify the problem. I have an in-depth knowledge of how things work and a unique talent for thinking "outside the box" to find creative and inexpensive solutions to problems. Finally, I provide very personalized service that is difficult to find. In addition to solving problems and making repairs, I personalize computers for aesthetics but especially to make them easier to use. This is accomplished by automating tasks normally done manually, adding shortcuts for quick access to the things you use most, and organizing files and folders so things are easy to locate. I really enjoy solving problems and determining the best solution for problems.

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Milton, FL 32570

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  • How did you get started doing this type of work?
    I began maintaining all in-house computers and the network / internet connection for the company I worked for the last 18 years of my full-time employment. Any time a computer had a hardware problem, I would perform the necessary repairs. I was also responsible for upgrading computers and network equipment as necessary. Several employees were not very computer literate so I customized their computers to automate a lot of the procedures they performed on a daily basis and made their computers so easy to use that they no longer picked up their phones several times per day to call me for help.weren't picking up the phone and calling me to their office several times per day which interrupted my software development.
  • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
    Make sure you find someone that really knows what they are doing, especially when solving Windows problems or optimizing slow computers. It takes a lot of time and experience to learn all of the Windows components where you know the software and processes that should be present and identify the ones that are missing or need to be removed.
Coverage Area for Personalized Home Computer Services is about 40+ miles of Milton, FL.