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Lisa Freeman

Murdock, FL

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About Lisa Freeman

Psychic Channeled (Future Oriented Tarot)

Lisa uses her Tarot deck as a tool to help her make connections during this type of reading. A channeled session is when a reader connects to guides.... their own and/or their clients, their higher self and on a rare occasion, someone who has crossed over may pop in to say 'hello'.

A psychic channeled reading can provide many different areas of the client's life, including past situations, present concerns and future opportunities.


Dreams are so very important and full of information if you know how to interpret the symbols that come through.. Lisa has been working with dreams for many, many years and can certainly shed some light on why you are experiencing different things while sleeping! Dream interpretations are done via e-mail to ensure the best quality of reading that can be provided for this...

Pet Energy Work

Lisa has a very unique ability to work with animal's energy and help them to overcome physical difficulties they may be dealing with. While this type of session does not take the place of a Veterinarian, it certainly can help to enhance an animals own natural healing energy and can also help to locate problem areas that may have been masked.

Psychic Children Exploration Sessions

This session is for those children who are having psychic experiences they don't understand or just wish to talk about, or for those who have psychic abilties that are starting to show themselves. This is not a 'reading' in the normal sense, but rather a 'safe place' for younger people to be able to talk to a professional psychic and medium about things they are noticing, and do so without fear of expression.

Spirit Communication (Mediumship)

A Spirit Medium is a psychic trained in the art of communicating with people who have crossed over into death, and/or your guides. Lisa is a highly trained, very gifted psychic who has a passion for doing this type of reading. During her sessions, Lisa takes the time to explain the process of her readings to her client so they may benefit fully and comfortably during their session. It is Lisa's goal to help expand her client's understanding of the afterlife during her readings.

Psychic Parties!

This is one of Lisa's favorite things to do. She has been invited to do her readings at weddings, birthday parties, Halloween parties and other major events. It's always a fun time with Lisa bouncing around.


PO Box 381143
Murdock, FL 33938

Question and answer

Q. What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

A. As a professional psychic I am 'always' searching and reading about metaphysics and all that entails.. the world is finally acknowledging the psychic field, thanks to people such as John Edward and Sandy Anastasi.. so as much as I can find and read on psychic ability, telepathy, energy work, spirit communication.. everything in my field! We never stop growing and learning... NEVER!!

Q. How did you get started doing this type of work?

A. First and foremost... many years of psychic experiences that I was not understanding, led me to start taking Psychic Development and Spirit Communication classes. I wanted/needed to know why I was experiencing what I was, how to control that, and how not to fear what I was seeing, hearing, feeling.... once I started learning to control the abilities I had, I started having feelings of needing to help others in the same way I had been helped... so I took over 400 classroom hours in Psychic Developemnt and became a teacher of the Anastasi System of Psychic Development. That led to reading tarot cards, expanding my psychic intuitiveness and begining to do readings for friends and then eventually for clients. An amazing process!!

Q. What types of customers have you worked with?

A. Tarot readings, psychic intuitiive readings, spirit communicaton readings, energy work

Q. What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

A. Like any other profession you will find great ones and not so great ones... readers who are honest, caring and doing their best job for you they can.. but you are also going to run across those who simply want your money. And sadly enough, just as with other professions, you really have to search to find that one person you trust.. so you ask around. Word of mouth is huge for a psychic. 'All psychics are NOT created equal'! Ha Ha If you were looking for an electrician you would probably go on referals more than simply finding one in a book. You should do the same research when looking for a psychic. I always welcome potential clients to send me an e-mail and ask questions before they book with me. I want them to be comfortable with their choice. Search me out in Google... check my webpage.. see who I am connected to.. that sort of thing...

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