Defensive Shooting Instructors, Inc.

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We teach you how to protect yourself and your family. We are a veteran-owned and operated firearms and combative tactics educational training facility committed to providing comprehensive personal, residential, and business security solutions from novice through combat level. We don't teach violence. We teach a warrior mindset in which people learn how to defend themselves, and prevail against any violent, life-threatening situations utilizing core fundamentals and efficiency of motion, incorporated into efficient, consistent, and reality-based training. Our core cadre of 12 instructors are highly trained/specialized prior service special forces soldiers from the US and Israeli military. We cater to teaching the public sector, armed security agents and close protection teams, law enforcement, military special teams, and employees of multi-national corporations.


Palm Beach, FL 33480

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    Coverage Area for Defensive Shooting Instructors, Inc. is about 150+ miles of Palm Beach, FL.