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What are your personal fitness goals? When choosing a trainer, buyer beware! You need a trainer, mentor and coach! Don't be just another "hourly scheduled session". My name is Anthony Gibson, I am an aspiring amateur bodybuilder and fitness fanatic. I have over 5 years of personal training experience and a lifetime of involvement in health in fitness. I have worked in the fitness industry leader for the past 2 years where I have had countless of satisfied clients and several successful group training programs created by myself. Promoting good health and a strong, functional body is a passion of mine. Let me help you in achieving new levels of health and fitness! Being all movement originates from what is considered the core. I put a strong focus on core training through advanced core strengthening techniques. I also strongly believe in building the body in order to maneuver and operate as efficiently as possible on a day to day basis (in the real world). This is why I incorporate a healthy dose of functional, movement and compound muscle, training into all programs. I work with anyone from the average Joe or Jane, who is simply looking to get back into shape, to those seeking substantial weight loss and life changes. I will customize a program to achieve your personal goals, whether you're an older adult who is simply looking for better flexibility, balance, and coordination, or a young athlete looking to take their sport to the next level through intense speed, agility, and core training. I can also assist you if you are looking to get into the bodybuilding, or fitness competitions by providing a training regimen, comprehensive diet with grocery list and posing/competition support. Everyone's goals are attainable through proper planning and dedication. I can provide you with the road map to success and the motivation to follow it! I have the ability to come to you if you have a home or community gym. Even parks or outside areas are also great for training and working out. Versatility is the key, and an amazing workout can be achieved just about anywhere, with no need for special or fancy equipment. I also offer the opportunity to train in the gym where I work, and membership is not required! I am willing to take you through an assessment and trial workout, free of charge. Let me prove myself to you and show you how to maximize your time in the gym, providing the greatest results with limited time and effort. I offer sessions in any form. Packages are totally customizable given your goals, availability and budget. If you'd like to sign a contract for weekly training that is available however, if you'd like to give it a try and decide later with no contract, that works as well. I've found that everyone meets their goals differently, and some work schedules do not permit a scheduled time every week. Please contact me for more details. I am serving Brandon, Valrico and Lithia areas. Referrals/testimonials are available!


Valrico, FL 33596
Coverage Area for Notorious Gib Training is about 10+ miles of Valrico, FL.