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This is for first-time clients only.

I provide silk press services, not your ordinary press and curl. I charge $40 for all hair textures: relaxed, natural and transition hair.

This is great for natural kinky, curly, overly curly, resistant hair, transitioning to natural from a relaxer, or those who wish to have a relax(er) look without the chemical and those who are stretching out their relaxer.

It's a great style lasting approximately a week, 1 1/2 week, or longer (depending on activity/weather) than the traditional flat iron.

The service includes deluxe shampoo and conditioner with silk-press style.

Add hydrating steam therapy treatment for $15.

Hydrating steam therapy treatment will restore moisture to hair up to five times more effectively than any conditioners alone
with/without a conditioning cap.

This allows the conditioner or hair treatment to work more effectively than any hooded hair dryers. Hooded hair dryers tend to dry out the hair. It does not deposit moisture to hair like the hydration steamer.

* Design essentials relaxer -- $45
* College student relaxer -- $35 (must present student ID prior to the service)
* Texturizer -- $35

I provide conditioning relaxer with olive oil and shea butter, enhanced with hydrastrength vitamin and protein complex that conditions and strengthens while straightening all hair textures.

Service includes trim with basic flat iron or roller set style. There is a small additional fee for flat iron style.

I charge $75 for partial sew-in weaves (top of hair is left out) and $100 for full sew-in weaves (none of the client's hair is out).

Service includes simple braid down pattern: small and flat braids, installation of extension, cut and style.

Please come with a clean, dry, and oil-free hair.

Net weaving and unwashed hair are at an additional cost. Call for the exact pricing.

Bring two packs of human hair if hair is purchased at a beauty supply store or bring two to three packs of premium human hair such as Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, or Malaysian purchased at a hair specialty store (4 oz bundle of hair). For extreme fullness, three packs of hair is required.

I charge $85 for assuage thermal smoothing complex. Naked by Essations' assuage thermal smoothing complex system gives naturally curly hair manageability options.

It elongates the hair by 75 to 90% without breaking any bonds (it is not a relaxer). It uses keratin amino acids and glyoxyloyl, keeping the hair smoother, shinier, straighter and frizz free for days without interrupting your natural curly/wavy pattern.

Prevents reversion and frizz by sealing in needed moisture and locking out extra moisture. It soothes the cuticle layer and increases hairs tensile strength for a more relaxed feel, silky shine, healthy and manageable head of hair.

* Safe for previously chemically treated hair (color and relaxed)
* Safe for all age groups and hair types
* Humidity resistant
* No side effects
* No formaldehyde

Results last for 12 weeks. The process is done in one day. No coming back the next day.

This innovative product is the solution for clients who want to maintain a natural curl pattern while being able to successfully straighten and strengthen their hair and have style longevity.


2800 Spring Road SE, J-205
Atlanta, GA 30339

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Question and answer

Q. What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

A. I have a warm and friendly personality. I put my clients' needs and desires first, as I give them my undivided attention and takes their personal lifestyles into consideration as I achieve a desired look for them. You will not leave without having the proper knowledge of hair care practices to maintain your hairstyle until the next visit. I am avid reader- spending hours on internet researching or reading articles in books & magazines about hair care.

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