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Maintenance Solutions Unlimited Inc.’s primary business goals are: customer service, quality work and reasonable rates. Customer service is important because we want to be sure to build a strong foundational base that will continue to utilize the services of Maintenance Solutions Unlimited Inc. Quality work is important because we stand behind our promises. Maintenance Solutions Unlimited Inc. as a company name is one of the most important promises we intend to keep. If it is broken we can fix it! Reasonable rates are key to our success. In this corporate environment with companies that are offer comparable services we must have the best rates! Our rate structure is set on a per job basis. We do not have a problem negotiating our rate with the client and we conduct detailed research prior to providing a rate. We specialize in residential handyman services, we have a skilled technician capable to handle business and residential repairs, from changing a light bulb to repairing an air conditioning unit. You will be making the right choice to chose us as your #1 handymen service and you want regret it, because we are not happy until you are happy. We guarantee our technicians and staff will always be courtesy and respectable and honor you wishes, we are a drug free company and all parties have been tested and had background checks. We promise to show up at the scheduled time and we promise to contact you with any inconvenience, because we understand your time is precious and very valuable.


Norcross, GA 30010

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    Coverage Area for Maintenance Solutions Unlimited Inc. is about 50+ miles of Norcross, GA.