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WildCo is a unique family-owned wildlife and pest control service dedicated to solving conflicts between animals and people. We provide top-notch wildlife and animal removal and pest control service to residential and commercial properties throughout Metro Atlanta and Northeast Georgia. We offer legal, humane, and low-impact solutions to any wildlife or other pest problem, and in most cases, offer alternatives to these solutions. We have a wildlife biologist on staff, and take a scientific approach to each problem the property owner is experiencing. All of our methods are legal, humane, and have low impact on the environment. Some of the services we provide: * Animal/wildlife removal and control * Squirrel removal * Bat removal * Snake removal * Bird removal * Raccoon removal * Coyote removal * Attic noise diagnosis * Dead animal removal * Odor diagnosis and control * Exclusion (i.e. animal-proofing homes) * Honey bee and comb removal * Deer repellent and exclusion * Insulation removal and replacement * Animal cleanup and sanitation


Suwanee, GA 30024

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    Coverage Area for WildCo Wildlife Services is about 40+ miles of Suwanee, GA.