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Des Moines, IA

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I have 37+ years of sewing experience. I am a former Alteration Manager of a bridal store, and now I am the owner/operator of my own business. I have my business out of my home, which means I can charge less than others with overheads.

Sewing: Matching outfits, shirts, PJ's, dresses for you families and dolls.

Home decor: Curtains, pillows, cushions, appliance covers, table covers, toddlers and baby's nursery ensembles and shopping cart covers.

Costumes: Renaissance, Halloween and almost any type of costume for plays or fun. You choose the pattern and fabric.

Alterations: Wedding gowns and her wedding party, pageant dresses, hem dresses, men and women slacks, jeans, shorts, replace zippers, take in and/or let out.

Industrial dust filtration sleeve, banquet table and chair covers


Des Moines, IA 50315

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  • Emma M. Jul 16, 2015
    I hired Lynn to alter a bridesmaid dress for me. After picking up the dress, I was unable to wear it due to the dress being far too small, and so I had to take out all of Lynn's work and redo it myself. Thankfully I know how to sew or it would have been a truly terrible situation, as I picked the dress up the night before I needed to wear it in a wedding. In addition to making the dress much too small, Lynn's workmanship was terrible. It is very difficult for me to believe that she has the vast amount of experience she claims—the only explanation I can imagine is that she simply didn't care about the quality of her work on my dress. I hope my review will save someone else from having a similarly upsetting experience. I've listed my specific issues with Lynn's services below. Issues with the alterations: The dress was much too small—far beyond any weight fluctuations that would have occurred in the mere 12 days between fitting the dress and my picking it up. The dress was taken in only at the top of the bodice—NOT all the way to the waist as we had discussed, and I had specifically requested. Stitching lines were not straight. There were two rows of holes in chiffon fabric near side seam clearly due to ripping out stitches Hanger loops were sewn back in messily and directly on top of (as opposed to inside) the top seam of the dress so that they showed when the dress was worn Thread used was considerably lighter in color than the dress which caused some stitches to show through the fabric Issues with professionalism: When there was clearly an issue with the fit, Lynn refused to take any responsibility for the problems, made no effort to solve the problems, and made unprofessional and unrealistic excuses for why the fit issue was my fault instead of hers (including blaming the dramatic fit issue on my menstrual cycle, which I found to be both unrealistic and unprofessional). Lynn refused any refund for the incomplete and incorrectly performed work. Lynn complained about previous customers to me during my fitting Lynn stated that she usually requires a deposit but that she would not require a deposit from me because she knew she could trust me “by the look of me.” (I found this unprofessional, judgmental, and offensive.) When I came to pick up the dress, there was a man there whom I was not introduced to, and I was then led to a room around the corner from where he was sitting and left to change with the door open (the door was propped open in such a way I would have had to move various objects in order to close it). The house where the business is run smells like smoke, which made me uncomfortable leaving clothing there
    Lynn D K. Jul 18, 2015

    Emma's dress was done in June 5th, the the dress fit her just fine while she was here or I would have kept the dress and made it right, I would have never sent her away with a dress that was to small and and Emma has blown this whole dress and conversation clearly out of perprotion. I accept cash only as I told Emma , as I have had several bad checks and that I have one in the other room for $350.00 so now all I accept is cash only. She had no cash on her at that time. I didn't want to loose the job so I took it without a deposit, no favor to Emma. where I pinned Emms dress is where I sewed her dress, as I do every dress, gown , and any other item I make be working on, there was no reason on my end that her dress supposibly was to thight. I sorry for you Emma that you felt in your heart to attack me and my business as I have been in sewing for over 40+ years, I am a far cry better than what you have pictured me.I will be here for the ones whom seek me out , who wants fair pricing and who appreciates the one on one attention.

  • Lisa H. Mar 28, 2015
    I had two pairs of pants (lined and unlined) that needed to be shortened and knew I needed a professional to shorten the pants. I found Lynn through Thumbtack, read the reviews, and decided to call her. I had never had anything tailored before so I had lots of questions for Lynn. Lynn patiently explained the ins and outs of what she would be doing. The turn around on when the pants would be ready was great. All in all, a great experience--good customer service, quick turn around, and easy to talk to.
  • Sally H. Feb 10, 2015
    Lynn shortened some drapes for me and did a very nice job. She is competent, organized, punctual, well-priced, and fun to work with. I have two little girls who wanted to keep visiting her again and again!
  • Renee M. Jan 8, 2015
    AMAZING job on creating my daughter's baptismal gown from the shawl from my wedding dress. Lynn's initial quote for the time it would take was impressive, but she completed it even faster. The quality was wonderful and we received numerous compliments. This dress is now a beautiful heirloom. Thanks, Lynn!!!
  • Beth D. Dec 30, 2014
    Very nice to have a personal touch. Made my wedding gown alterations very well. She did some difficult baleros too. So nice to have individualized service.
  • Michelle R. Aug 23, 2014
    Wedding Dress Alterations
    Verified Review
    Lynn IS AWESOME! It was two months before our wedding and I was getting nervous because the person that I was going to have work on my dress kept putting me off, so I decided to find someone else. Not only did Lynn finish my dress a WEEK early, but she put the most gorgeous double bustle in my dress, at an EXTREMELY reasonable price. She is so sweet and prompt at returning calls and answering questions. Please think of her first if you need anything of this nature, she is so wonderful and so reasonable; I know I won't hesitate to use her services in the future! Thank you so much Lynn!
  • Erin M. Jul 9, 2014
    Lynn does beautiful work, and she is the sweetest lady. I needed the bust of my chiffon bridesmaid dress let out, and she put gussets in - they are barely noticeable! She also did this in a very short period of time (I dropped my dress off on June 30th and picked it up today.) I will definitely go to Lynn for all my future alteration needs.
  • Tiffany T. Jul 2, 2014
    Lynn was wonderful and very easy to work with. She takes a lot of pride in her work and very reasonably priced. She did alterations on a bridesmaid dress and I am 7 months pregnant. It was quick and easy and fit great when she was done.
  • Amber W. May 27, 2014
    Verified Review
    Lynn is very professional and knowledgeable. She made me feel comfortable and even came to my home to do the fitting for the alterations. She charged the lowest amount I've ever heard of and made sure I didn't get ripped off. She is fantastic and I highly recommend her!
  • Angela L. Sep 21, 2013
    Verified Review
    She's so nice! Nicest person I have ever met~ I asked her to make me a costume for an Anime Convention, we went to go buy prints and fabric together and she sewed everything together for me! great quality, amazing stitching! Got it all done fast! She makes sure you get what you want, and makes sure that your one satisfied costumer. And Let me tell you, I am one satisfied customer. :) She did a fantastic job. Absolutely fantastic.
  • Sam S. Aug 26, 2013
    Verified Review
    Good job on dress in short amount of time. Fits perfect! Good customer service. Friendly lady.
    Lynn D K. Aug 26, 2013

    The client was so nice and easy to work with , her gown was a bit small on her and we had to let it out several sizes to get the correct size once we did it fit her perfect, everyone was so happy. another job well done

  • Megan C. Aug 25, 2013
    Verified Review
    Lynn was a pleasure to work with and did an awesome job on my bridesmaid dress. She responded back to my inquiry in a short amount of time which was awesome because I needed my dress altered quickly. We met on a Wednesday I believe and she had it done for me by that Friday. Highly recommend Lynn for any type of alteration and especially those that need a rush job.
    Lynn D K. Aug 26, 2013

    Megan is a wonderful and charming young lady and was a perfect client.Easy to understand her needs and request. easy to work with and for, call me anytime.thank you again

  • Stephanie H. Jul 23, 2013
    Great service!!! Really glad she came to me instead of having to drive to some to a shop and haul everything there. She really knew what she was doing and I have faith that my dress will look amazing when she is done!! The pricing also cannot be beat saved me tons of money and didn't have to get it done at Davids Bridal where all i heard was such bad reviews. Thanks Lynn!!
    Lynn D K. Jul 26, 2013

    Stephanie was a real sweetheart to work with and she makes her gown even more beautiful. She was easy to work with and to explain the different processors to when given choices or advise. Going into clients homes your not always as welcome as family, but Stephanie and her brother made me feel like I was one of the family and treated me with high respect. Your Gown is Beautiful, best wishes on your wedding day. Many Thanks, Lynn Lynn's Sewing & Alterations

  • Jessica G. Jul 15, 2013
    Wonderful job on a bridesmaid dress in such a short amount of time. Very sweet woman who is laid back and easy to talk to. I would recommend her to friends and family.
    Lynn D K. Jul 18, 2013

    Jennifer was a pleasure working with and for easy going, down to earth, and knew what she wanted. As well as she has the cuties little puppy that is adorable and that is her spoiled baby girl....:)

  • Dee V. Apr 15, 2013
    Wedding Dress Alterations
    Verified Review
    Lynn did a great job on my wedding dress in a short time frame. I was pressed for time and she kindly fit me into her schedule and it was finished sooner than I expected. When I called her up, I was impressed that she fit me into her schedule on the same day. She was very kind and patient throughout the entire process, even helping to explain how best to pin up/put down the bustle on my dress.
  • Lori O. Oct 16, 2012
    Lynn is amazing and did a fantastic job on my dress in a very-very short time frame. I was so thankful for her and the awesome job she did with my dress! Lynn is a wonderful and kind person and I will be going back to her and referring others to her - what a great job she did!
  • Amy R. Sep 17, 2012
    Tailor or Seamstress
    Verified Review
    Wonderful woman to work with!! She is thoughtful and polite. She takes all the time you need, and was a blessing to work with!
  • Mark K. Jun 4, 2012
    Verified Review
    Thanks for your help! Were you able to save the design for future work? I am still interested in that possiblity. It was a very difficult job. I am glad you were able to perform it for me!
  • Katelyn K. Apr 28, 2012
    Verified Review
    Lynn was fantastic! Sweetest lady in the world! I dropped my dress off on a Thursday and picked it up on Saturday morning! The bustle looks beautiful and I could not be happier with the dress! -Katelyn
  • Meredith P. Dec 21, 2011
    Verified Review
    Sweetest woman in the world. I brought her my dress yesterday to be hemmed and I picked it up today.


What types of customers have you worked with?
Most common is hems, bustles, I show them different styles to choose from allowing them full rein and what works best for their gown. take in or let out the sides, replace the zipper with a lace up corset back, I invite the brides the option to include their wedding colors into the lacing for the corset and the Brides have really be creative and shined. Re- beading , after taking in or letting out the sides there seems to always be re-beading to do, and then through out the gowns you find loose beading that needs tending to.