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We are a full-line international training facility! Check our website. We teach recreational, technical and professional public safety dive training year round! We have hyper-filtered air, nitrox, trimix and heliox. We service all types and brands of regulators, buoyancy control devices, computers and cylinders/valves. On drysuits, we repair, service or replace everything but the zippers! Classes can be done quickly if needed, or at your own time frame at one cost! We can travel at a nominal fee if you need! We do not teach to the minimum standards at any level but well beyond! You are paying to become a diver the first time, not by the time you are an advanced diver! Adventure Diving runs trips locally around the midwest and the Great Lakes, nationwide and abroad! We build custom air-delivery systems and air-driven systems for all types of industry! Oxygen system cylinders for medical, diving and aviation can also be filled here! SCBA service and air fills are not a problem either. We sell all gear at our store at online prices, not retail like most stores! We meet all prices on the same gear! We are keeping the passion alive with training, travel, equipment rental, sales and service! The best time to start your certification is now! Scuba certification information: 1. You only have to purchase your personal gear for fit (safety) and personal hygiene: mask, defog, snorkel, boots, fins, suit, and boat bag. Some people that get cold purchase gloves and hood. If you are diving frequently, it is better to dive the same high quality gear, but we have high quality rental for the weights, regulators, computers and buoyancy control devices! Regulators, buoyancy control devices, Nitrox computers, weights and cylinders do not need to be purchased, and can be rented for certification and fun diving at a nominal fee! 2. It only takes home study, and one or two trips to the pool to be ready for your openwater dives! We spend more time in the pool per session, so you actually learn to dive, and we teach more skills since you are paying to become a diver the first time! 3. After the home study and pool sessions are complete, you can finish your certification with us, or by referral with the proper paperwork! We have had people ready to certify in a weekend with proper planning and completely certified in one week! 4. We teach year round, and your class starts when you sign up! No waiting for us to fill classes (we have smaller class sizes), and we try to fit your schedule at no extra fee! We have no semi-private or private add-on fees! 5. You do not need to be a great swimmer! Just be comfortable in the water, and be willing to learn! Your adventure into the water starts here! Call us, and schedule an appointment to get your questions answered! When you are ready to become a diver, come see us!



West Des Moines, IA 50265

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    Expect to be fully amazed at the indepth coverage of SCUBA and the skills that will build your individual confidence! This is a very impowering course full of education! We care and are passionate about SCUBA and our customers and it shows! Learn to dive with confidence and expand your adventure with advanced training after your openwater dives!
Coverage Area for Adventure Diving, Inc. is about 150+ miles of West Des Moines, IA.