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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
5 Reasons a Pro Should Grade Your Lawn
  1. 1. Showing off

    A lawn with a perfect grade is extremely eye-catching. Elegant contours look great and really highlight the lush green of a well-manicured lawn. For that level of precision, contact a licensed professional.

  2. 2. The right stuff

    Depending on the amount of dirt that needs to be moved around, it might be necessary to use an excavator or a skid loader to even things out. A lawn installation service is fully equipped for the job.

  3. 3. Soil improvement

    A pro knows that the shape of the lawn isn't the only factor in successful grading. They also take time to analyze your soil. It might be necessary to add some layers of gravel for drainage.

  4. 4. Rototiller heaven

    Many homeowners try to break up their soil before seeding using a pickaxe. A professional lawn care service brings in the big guns: rototillers.

  5. 5. Limiting eyeballing

    For a truly level surface, measuring is the only way to go. Pros have specialized grading equipment—and techniques—that guarantee scientific precision.

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