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Planning ahead

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7 Reasons to Use a Translation Service
  1. 1. It prevents embarrassment

    Translation mistakes are costly for businesses. Considering the enormous cost put into ad campaigns and customer relations, an unexpected translation error is a big deal.

  2. 2. Better than bilingual staffers

    Though it might seem like a good idea, unless the in-house person is a certified translator, there is no guarantee that they are transmitting the message you want.

  3. 3. It's comprehensive

    Experienced translators know that to communicate an idea properly in another language it’s usually necessary to change the entire structure of the sentence. Word for word translations sound artificial.

  4. 4. A team of professionals is ideal

    Commercial translation services don't just employ a single individual. That means that instead of one brain working on a project, there are many people proposing the best way to communicate.

  5. 5. Field expertise

    Legal, technical, medical and professional vocabulary requires specialized knowledge. Professional translators have an enormous amount of highly specific vocabulary required in a business environment.

  6. 6. Work volume

    A lone in-house translator may have trouble keeping up with the amount of business documents, advertising materials, product packages and safety manuals that a company produces each week.

  7. 7. Consistent results are key

    While in-house translators are often replaced over time—resulting in differences in translation style—a translation service keeps careful records of the way your documents are handled.

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