Your guide to wills and estate planning

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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
5 Steps to Estate Planning
  1. 1. Gather paperwork ahead of time

    Obtain a checklist and ensure you have all documents and necessary paperwork available that your attorney needs to see, saving you both time.

  2. 2. Draft your main questions

    These questions and answers allow you to make the most informed decisions for some of life’s most pressing matters. You are also able to ensure that loved ones are included in the planning process.

  3. 3. Have some answers ready

    When making changes to your will or estate plan, your estate-planning attorney asks questions about the changes you wish to make.

  4. 4. Be honest

    Answering questions with the best possible answers gives your attorney the ability to direct your estate planning in a direction that you can feel confident about.

  5. 5. Find a reputable attorney

    The estate-planning attorney you work with has an obligation to uphold all of your wishes in the event you cannot due to medical conditions or death. Do your research to find someone you trust.

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