Markusoft Computer Solutions

Newport, KY

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About this pro

Do you want a new computer? Do you have a computer problem? I can help. I have 29 years of experience.

My services include:

* Business Consulting
* Custom Build Computers and Servers
* Desktop Computer Repair, Set Up, Maintenance
* Network Configuration, Repair, Wireless Lockdown (I do not run cable)
* Virus Removal - Flat $120 (no matter how long it takes)
* Virus, Malware and Firewall Protection (using free software)
* Data Backup and Recovery
* Offsite Backup of Critical Data
* Windows Media Center
* NAS (Network Access Server)
* Storage and Raid 0,1,5 (Best Data Protection of Drive Failures)
* Want to print cheap? I have solutions for most printers.
* Monthly Service Plans Available
* 24-Hour Service

Everyone gets loaded with my pack of the best free production software available.

Want to go paperless?
Want to capture that screen or image?
Want to type on a PDF or document a screen print?
Want an easy way to switch printers?
Want to be protected from internet nasties?
Want to have access to data on your phone, tablet, all computers in your house, and access to your files at work?

Then you need me. I can help you get connected like no one else. If you have a problem with your technology, I can fix it.

Computer History:

* Timex Sinclair
* Commodore 64/128
* Apple IIc
* TRS-80
* System36
* AS400
* PCTurbox86, 286, 386, 486
* Cyrix
* Pentium, Pentium I, II, III, 4
* Intel
* Current AMD x6 1090t
* Sandy bridge P67/2600k Z68/2600k

I recommend Intel Sandy bridge H67/P67/Z68 Computers. Everything else is a waste of money.


Newport, KY 41071


1 Reviews
  • Gwen F. Jan 28, 2012
    Love the services I have received from Markusoft computer solutions. This guy knows computers, my old laptop runs like a dream, never would have thought this was possible!