Kara M. Keicher, LMT

Baltimore, MD

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How does your business stand out?

Over the course of my career working with diverse clientele I have become incredibly intuitive in my approach to bodywork and connecting with people. This is the art behind the science of this profession. Every massage therapist practicing at a deep level, who is inquisitive about healing and truly present with their clients have a unique artistry to their massage treatments. No therapist is identical to another even if they trained together, just like no two people have identical bodies, lifestyles, or energy on a day to day basis. As such, my sessions are unique to the individual and the specific session because it depends entirely on what is going on in that particular moment, a client's muscle response, and the overall energy between client and therapist. My sessions are an inclusive package of getting to know you well enough to establish treatment goals, creating a safe space for you to allow yourself to heal, and intuitively adjusting my work to ensure therapeutically effective and pleasant treatments.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

There is much I enjoy about the work I do! It is incredibly rewarding to see the shift in a person who may have walked in feeling emotionally overwhelmed or in physical pain and then walked out feeling so improved in just one short session. I also enjoy the challenging cases where someone has experienced a chronic issue and together we are able to gain awareness around it, achieve improvement or resolve it entirely. I meet many interesting and unique people in this profession as well which is fun and inspiring.
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Baltimore, MD 21218

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5 Reviews
  • Alexander H. Mar 31, 2015
    Massage Therapy
    Verified Review
    The massage was therapeutic. She is knowledge about the different areas of the body. The 90 minutes seems to go so quickly. I was very pleased with the results. Thanks Cara
  • TJ B. Mar 29, 2015
    Had my first appointment with Cara today and I left floating. She is very thorough and extremely skilled and has definitely made a regular customer out of me. I could not be any happier with her performance and I think it would be impossible to feel any better. Thank you Cara and I look forward to working with you again.
  • Kevin O. Feb 3, 2015
    Massage Therapy
    Verified Review
  • Kevin F. Nov 25, 2014
    I have had several massages from Cara, and I will be seeing her again tomorrow. Tomorrow's is following my best-ever marathon two days ago. I come to Cara because she listens very carefully to what I tell her my issues are, she explains why she does everything during the massage, and she allows me to either chat or not chat as I see fit during the massage with a brief time for chatting after. She had a special focus on my forearm at one point that I asked about--she told me it was something new she had learned and that shows how conscienctious she is about keeping up with the latest on massage techniques. As a runner interested in helping my body after putting it through incredible stress (which she has helped with during my training for a marathon previously) and a person just interested in wellness, I would recommend Cara without reservation.
  • Ai J. Nov 3, 2014
    Massage Therapy
    Verified Review
    I write this review for Cara and my heart and mind are full of disappointment and regret. Don’t get me wrong! I am not disappointed about Cara. I regret each penny I spent on massages at luxury spas thinking that the more I pay that I better quality massage I get. I honestly booked Cara blind-bidding on her as a non-spa therapist. Up until I laid on Cara’s table, I thought I was privileged to be massaged by the best therapists and in the finest spas in Baltimore and DC. Cara was able to flip this impression upside-down from the moment she touched me. Cara provided an exquisite approach to my body that I have never encountered in spas that billed me twice what Cara has billed me. She is smiling, welcoming, accommodating, and utterly skilled. Once you lay down, you can relax, and let her hands do the work. You don’t even have to point where you need more massage, because she’ll know, and do whatever needed. I fully recommend her without any reservation. Cara, thank you very much for being such a wonderful treat to end my day.