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Introduction: About Keeping Healthy Keep your body healthy and strong, exercise or do some form of physical activity, long brisk walks; especially in or near the woods, trees, lakes, rivers etc. Keep well hydrated with spring water, consume only whole foods - No Processed Foods, No Junk Food, No Sugar (Weakens immune system). Eat Whole Organic or Farmers Market (Non-Corporate) Foods--Fruits & Veggies; especially those high in Vit C, Whole Grains, Nuts Suggested Vitamins: High Grade Vit D3, C, Zinc, C-60 It may be best to get from Dr. or Online: Eric Neputi - Wellness Warrior (High Grade Vit); David Wolfe (C-60). Take In Plenty Of Sunshine!!! It has healing properties! Greetings! My name is Terisse Perez and I'm the owner of "Visions Of Light-Art", “Something Soothing For The Soul”. Visions Of Light-Art is a collective of all that I do, in the way of Alternative Energetic Healing (Humans & Pets) and a space that holds my Energetically Coded - Sacred Healing Art. I truly enjoy helping others to help themselves, observing the wonderful transformation that takes place with each of my clients and the joyful feelings they share with me. For me, this is delightfully blissful and absolutely joyful! Please Note: As a rule, clients visit me for treatments; unless hospitalized or some extenuating circumstance. Long Distance Healing is available; the end results will be the same. Before working with a client, I highly advise that a Personal Energetic Healing Treatment Plan be created ($65 (Full) or $50 (Basic). The PEHT Plan involves my working with your Soul, a diagnosis as it were, an exact science and is very detailed. Following it to the letter, will produce the best possible results within the shortest span of time. Since the early 90's I've been an Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner, Soul Worker (Working alongside with the Soul of my clients) and a Sacred Visionary Artist, creating energetically coded healing artwork to heal and lift the human spirit. What's unique about how I work and my healing practice, is that I connect and work with each clients Soul before and during the healing process. The client's Soul lets me know exactly which healing treatments to use, to produce the best possible results within the shortest span of time; most perfect indeed! In my Alternative Healing Practice, I use various forms of healing to suit my client's needs: Energetic Healing (hands-on/off the body): Reiki, Ama Deus Shamanic Healing and my Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing. Spiritual Soul Guidance Counseling Providing Channeled Guidance from your Soul and placed on a Word Doc, thereby providing you a hard copy. Stress Management Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop (Intuitive Creative Painting - Process Painting) This Stress Management workshop helps participants to literally release stress the fun way! Using Intuition, Finger Paint, Paper and Brush, participants literally release a portion of their stress onto the paper their painting upon. Excellent for those experiencing: General Stress, Feeling Blocked, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Disorder, PTS You'll leave this class feeling lighter, brighter, joyful and with a smile upon your face! ;-) Please Note: You cannot bring this painting home with you; I'll energetically seal it and then properly & respectfully dispose of it. All these healing methods and benefits without the use of drugs! Yay! :-D I practice primarily in Germantown, MD, but from time to time I visit Washington, DC and New York City to assist others in their healing process. So Washingtonian's and New Yorker's, feel free to contact me if my profile's listed healing modalities resonates with you and fits your needs. Long Distance Energetic Healing is available too!

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Tuesdai F.

Reiki Healing

Terisse is such an intuitive and loving person and that really shows in her work. Her Spiritual Soul Counseling Guidance was right on point as she channels all her information from the soul. Once I read it, it provided immediate clarity as to what was preventing me from healing. Her Energetic Healing work cleared my chakras and allowed my body the relaxation and comfort enough to begin to heal itself. After each one of these treatments I felt as if I had woken up from a long and peaceful sleep and I felt lighter afterwards! The last treatment that I had was the Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop, and this is what truly allowed me to express the energy that had been stuck inside of me. The process was very intense and had me face to face with some very negative energy I was holding inside, but at the end of all of that my spirit felt lighter and I was able to move on. Throughout the process, whenever I consulted with Terisse, she was kind, patient and never judged anything I said or did in my personal life. She was the perfect healer and mentor!
Visions Of Light-Art/Alternative Healing's reply
Hi Tuesday! O...M...G! I Am BLOWN!!!! Tears just flooded my eyes as I was reading your Review, O...M...G! It was such a heartfelt review and I felt every bit of it! I could feel your appreciation of my efforts in working to bring you clarity, balance and wholeness. I could feel your sincerity as a whole and your appreciation of moving through and out of the darkness within; it touched me sooo deeply! It made me feel that my being out here and doing what I do is not a waste of my time and for this I am deeply grateful. How you expressed yourself while covering all the treatments you had received and experienced was succinct and profound; you covered a lot of ground and I truly and deeply appreciate this and your time and effort in doing so. Thanks again Tuesdai for the thorough, detailed, heartfelt and wonderfully expressed Review; I am indeed grateful and most pleased with it. TTL! Lovingly, Terisse
Nov 6, 2016
Diamon B.

Spiritual Counseling

Very helpful and always full of energy. Her spirit is ver gently and kind. She is a person who takes time to explain everything and does it with patience. I have enjoyed working with her.
Visions Of Light-Art/Alternative Healing's reply
Just wanted to say thanks again Diamon, for allowing me to work with you and taking the time out to write a nice Review for me; this is very much appreciated! I do hope things are a little more clear for you as you probably have read your Soul's Guidance more than a few times now and the healing components or energies should've been filtering through, helping you to both see more clearly and understand more deeply what was expressed. It was a pleasure working with both you and your Soul. I wish you well on your explorative journey through life. Peace & Blessings love. Lovingly, Terisse
Nov 6, 2016
Karrie E.

When I came to Terisse, I was in a desperate need of energy clearing and chakra balancing. It had been a few years since I had any energy work done, and she had graciously met with me and suggested I receive an Ama Deus 4 day session. After the first session, I felt as if all my worries, sadness and overwhelming anxiety had been lifted away. I knew my own energy would still need work and i had to trust in Terisse to help balance it. The next three sessions were overwhelming, enlightening and magnificent. Terisse has a special gift and is able to channel it to help others. She is trusting, kind, and surrounded by light. By my last session, I was so thankful I had gone to her. Even after the Ama Deus session has been completed, I am feeling the positive effects of it daily and my energy is renewed, light and full of happiness and love. And I have clarity on how I view things in my life. I will definitely be returning when I feel my energy may need a "tune up." All I can say is thank you Terisse, I am so grateful. I would recommend her to anyone in need of energy clearing and chakra balancing.
Visions Of Light-Art/Alternative Healing's reply
Hi Karrie, Thank you for taking the time to write this wonderful and thoughtful review, it is very much appreciated. It was such a pleasure to work with you and to assist you in your healing processes, it was my honor to do so. I truly appreciated your feedback after each treatment; it was most informative and validating, thank you! I'm very happy you are feeling lighter, brighter, love filled and having more clarity; more will unfold for you as the weeks roll by. I'll be here for you whenever you're ready for another clearing/healing. Peace & Blessings to you love. Lovingly, Terisse
Nov 23, 2017
Saul A.

Alternative Healing

Visions Of Light-Art/Alternative Healing's reply
Awww, Thank you for the 5 star rating Saul, this is most kind of you and much appreciated! I hope your New Year is filled with excellent health, much joy, love and laughter! Peace & Blessing to You! <3
Nov 26, 2019
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Anita Theresa Perez


  • What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?

    Reiki Energy Healing ($85 & Up - Discounts available if having more than 2 Treatments) (Hands on/off the body) Primarily used for physical ailments (Please visit website for details) ------------ Reduces pain, anxiety and stress; promotes accelerated healing, relaxation, calmness, centeredness, balance and clarity. (Can take up to 90 min) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ama Deus Shamanic Healing ($85 & Up - Discounts available if having more than 2 Treatments) (Hands on/off the body) Primarily used to clear and balance energy centers/chakras (Please visit website for details) ------------ Reduces pain, anxiety and stress; promotes healing, relaxation, calmness, centeredness, balance, clarity, insight, a greater sense of direction and opens doors that were once closed. (Can take up to 60 min) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing ($300 & Up - Discounts available if having more than 1 Treatment) (Hands on/off the body) Primarily used to balance and heal past and present lifetime issues/traumas-physical, mental, emotional - mind, body and soul; life changing. (Please visit website for details) ---- Reduces pain, anxiety and stress; promotes healing, relaxation, calmness, centeredness, balance, clarity, insight, feeling lighter and a greater sense of direction. For this particular energetic healing, I work with your Soul/Higher Self and the Divine Medical Team. (Between 1.5 to 2.5 hours) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pet Energy Healing ($75 & Up - Discounts available if having more than 2 Treatments) (Hands on/off the body) Primarily used for physical ailments (Please visit website for details) ------------ This particular energetic healing on pets I usually do Long Distance for your pets comfort level. -- Reduces pain, anxiety and stress; promotes accelerated healing, relaxation, calmness, centeredness, balance and clarity. (Can take up to 60 min) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Energetic Healing Treatment Plan ($65 (Full) or $50 (Basic) ---------- Each Treatment Plan takes me about 2 hours to create (Please visit website for details) --------------- Helps to produce the best possible results within the shortest span of time, when followed to the letter. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEALING THROUGH CREATIVE ART PLAYSHOP (Intuitive Creative Painting) (Process Painting-Therapeutic) Stress Mgmt the Fun Way! ---- ($85 per workshop - Discounts available if taking more than one class) (Ages 7-Adults - Age appropriate group setting) (Each HTCA PlayShop/Workshop is 2 hrs) ----------- With the use of Intuition, Finger Paint, Brush & Paper, you basically paint your stress away! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPIRITUAL SOUL COUNSELING/GUIDANCE ($120 Per Session) -- (Please visit website for details) ------------ Your Soul's Guidance with Truth, Compassion & Love ----- This information provided by your Soul will be done in a most loving way, straight forward and cutting through to the core of the issue thereby, producing the best possible results within the shortest span of time. If followed to the letter, will assist greatly in producing self-generated freedom and joy!

  • What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

    PROCESS FOR ANY ENERGETIC HEALING (Hands on/off the body) I usually work at my private studio but, will travel to someone if they're too ill to travel. Know this, both myself and the client are fully dressed except for shoes, jewelry, they must be removed (Client can put them back on after the treatment) and cell phones must be turned off or at least have the ringers off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although the client may express they'd like an energetic healing, before their arrival I always ask their Soul/Higher Self for permission to do so. If the answer is "Yes" I then proceed; if the answer is "No", I'll provide the client with a brief explanation and go no further. In my explanation, I will inform the client what they'd need to do in order for me to work on them. It can be something simple as having a body massage (I don't provide body massages) or reading up on whatever healing modality I'll be using on them or they need to see another Energetic Healing Practitioner altogether. It's quite rare the answer is "No" and has only happened maybe two or three times in my many years of practice. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before the clients arrival I will connect with their Soul to ask what treatment at this time would be best for them and if they need more than one treatment. The clients Soul always provides me with an answer and maps out a detailed healing plan for the client I'm working with. If the client follows the healing plan to the letter, the results are amazing! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Either before or after the healing session, I will present the client with the healing plan that is tailored specifically for them; to produce the best possible healing results within the shortest time span possible. Sometimes a person only needs one specific treatment or perhaps two; then there are those individuals who need more than that and it can be over a period of days, weeks or months. I personally prefer the shorter ones (Smiles) but, I do not argue with the clients Soul who knows best how to work with the client. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT TO EXPECT: All clients and myself are fully dressed during a healing session. When coming in for a treatment it's best to wear comfortable clothing. I will ask the client a few questions about their challenges and what they wish to happen or see as a result of the treatment; at that point I will share my views. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will explain the areas I will touch on their body (From head to feet and from feet to head, never touching the private parts) and then have them lay on their back atop my comfy massage table fully dressed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clients may feel my hands become hot to very hot, energy moving through their body, a tingling sensation, they may feel hot or cool in certain parts of their body, they may also receive insights, have moments of clarity or they may feel nothing at all and that's okay too; energy is still moving through them. Most of my clients very often feel very relaxed and fall asleep to a point of snoring; which happens quite often (tee-hee). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once I'm finished with the front of their body, I ask them to turn over and lay on their tummy so that I can work on the back of their body. Once that is complete, I ask them to turn over on their backs once again so I can clear their aura just a wee a bit more and then close the session. At the end of the healing session, I will offer them a glass or bottle of water; this helps the energy to flow even more and get things moving quicker! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During the healing treatment, I sometimes receive insights or information that will help the client; I will share these insights after the treatment is over. There are those times I may be intuited to say something during the healing process that would assist the client in opening up their energy fields further, so that the energy can move through more freely. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once the treatment is over, I will ask the client how they are feeling, if they feel any different and if they've received any insights. I'm always open to discuss whatever the client wishes to share with me and perhaps offer further clarity if I can. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've worked on quite a few people in my lifetime (Via personal referrals/word of mouth) with almost immediate and remarkable results especially, if they're open and willing to go along with the treatment plan suggested and provided by their Soul. If the client is insistent on my using a particular healing method, I will comply and provide what they asked for with the understanding that their Soul has suggested something else. Although a shift will be had, it may not produce as greater result than applying the healing method their Soul suggested.

  • What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

    Ama Deus Shamanic Healing - Certified Level 2- 1996 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reiki Level 2 (Usui System) - Attuned - 1999 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Natural Intuitive Energy Healing - No Training - Born with it - A Gift from God/Goddess, Higher Power, All That Is; to share with you and the world at large. Amen! ;-) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My instructions or directions come directly from the Light, Source Self, God/Goddess, All That Is and the Soul/Higher Self of whom I happen to be working with at the time and I am very comfortable with that. ;-)

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