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How does your business stand out?

Our work stands out from others because we love what we do, and it's reflected in the work we produce for our clients. Each of us has chosen a career in this industry, and our families depend on our quality workmanship and consistently satisfying or exceeding our clients expectations. For any prospective clients looking for a professional they can be comfortable working with, we are exactly who to call that can assure them the convenience of simple, plain speaking interactions focused on assuring or exceeding their expectations and backed by the experiences of several others who chose Main Lawn and Landscape. We have experience in every size or scope of service or installation, and we have the references in our client list who often allow others to visit the productions we provided, or can be viewed on our website. People quickly experience our dedication to their needs starting with their free estimate and consultation. We listen carefully to their expectations, answer any questions and in turn question and carefully listen to their preferences. Before we even are hired we want to inform or educate everyone and feel confident that any well informed client would chose us after considering everything we can do for them as evidenced through the past 17 years successfully providing local services and installations. In short our clients simply recieve a great deal more attention, quality, comfort/convenience, and bottom line more production than any other. By reducing rates for any additional services or installations any repeat or ongoing service clients, we are able to provide more value for clients who request or require consistent or more production. With the most experienced workforce in the local industry, we've recruited/pursued vested professionals guaranteeing our clients experience unmatched quality and personal care for anything they may request. We back this up with several examples of ANY/ALL services, improvements, or installation/outdoor features from the simplest task to redesigning an entire landscape to co-creating our clients vision starting on new build rough grade. Our professionals are all uniformed, friendly, and approachable capable of completing a simple lawn maintenance service, installing the irrigation system, or designing, installing, and integrating your propertys water conservation with any retaining wall, patio, or water feature you wanted to add. We want to earn lifelong clients who are comfortable with our simple plain speaking small business atmosphere, who are confident knowing whatever they ask from us we will always provide AND produce any specific detail central to their consideration. We enjoy how easily are clients are able to get what they want, when they want it, and always within reasonable reach financially. When people explain how they are able to create and keep up with their property, we are often the people they describe as "their own personal workforce" giving them the power to create their perfect home/property. We proudly work for very powerful people who enable themselves utilizing our exclusive workforce, backed by many years of local successful experience they can see just walking in their neighborhood.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I like that people give us the responsibility of making sure their property is safe, easily accessible, and enjoyable for their families or for their clients. We enjoy being the solution that every client contacts as soon as they have a need for anything outdoors. Everybody has a place in life and we truly enjoy doing the things that allow families to spend more time together, or allowing business's to focus on the amazing things they do, and how confident our clients quickly become delegating the work to us, and how powerful it feels being labeled RELIABLE by great people and families. We enjoy being responsible for all that encompasses, and then going above and beyond expectations and seeing satisfaction as a smile on our clients face, that is something that each of us enjoys.
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10 Reviews
  • Patti J. Jun 30, 2016
    Concrete Repair and Maintenance
    Verified Review
    Appreciated Quick & Friendly response :)
  • Todd G. Oct 6, 2015
    We moved out of state and have been visiting our home in Riverwalk Meadows (Mason) periodically. We arrived recently on Friday September 4th and the grass at our home was a legitimate 10" in length. It looked HORRIBLE! Multiple attempts to reach Ted went unanswered until two days later - something about his phone died. Neighbors on both sides of our home stated that he definitely had not been mowing weekly. Very, very disappointed in their performance and customer service. I changed mowing companies within hours and have asked for my money back (paid for 4 mowings in September), but that request has also gone unanswered. I also had to contact him once in early May and again in July (after arriving at our home) and ask that he come mow immediately. I should have changed mowing services after the second time but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Hey Ted - I'd still like my money back for September. You didn't perform one mowing this month and have no right to keep it. Update: Ted, by way of text, said he'd drop the $140 in the mail "today." that was 3.5 weeks ago. Buyer beware!!!!
    Ted M. Apr 3, 2016

    We are very sorry you are so upset. It seems clear that after over 2.5 years of service with good reports, during an out of state move and some obvious miscommunication wether to continue service or not during the highly stressful aspects moving between states creates, we apologize that a highly stressful situation caused you to think we had not attempted to refund you. We did continue service for 3 weeks after getting a message "the neighbor says they new guy is terrible and you did much better work" and mailed 3 refunds to date after pondering for almost 6 months how to best answer this post conviction but pre trial before many great opportunities your comments are meant to prevent. Please send your new address and we will send you a refund, again. After working for you almost 2.5 years, and earning several great compliments from you we think that convicting us of being guilty of witholding an amount not even 1/10th of what retained us for successive seasons and then after gladly making special accomodations as to support any of your efforts, for you to say that we are so terrible as to need a blanket cautionary label is as serious as a heart attack to all of us who will certainly be looking for your new out of state address so we can send you the refund you want, and we can all hope that our actions speak louder and longer than your accusation. We will work even harder to avoid miscommunication and we are very sorry we never wanted you to hate us so much you felt we deserved character evisceration. Thank You and we will look forward to sending your refund to the address you send, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

  • Nichole B. Dec 1, 2014
    Lawn Mowing and Trimming
    Verified Review
    I wound up hiring another yard professional this time around but Ted was extremely quick to respond with a quote for us and was very courteous in his communications. I will be keeping him in mind if I have a job in the future with more than just leaf raking.
  • Megan B. Oct 27, 2014
    Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance
    Verified Review
    I used Main Landscaping and Lawncare for gutter cleaning. Ted was true to his word and easy to get ahold of. Once the project was scheduled Ted came in time and completed the task quickly. I would use Main Landscaping and Lawncare again.
  • Angry M. Jan 6, 2014
    I placed a call to them for snow removal service. No one returned my call. They must not need the business, a simple call back would of been nice. I try to keep business local but not this time . I won't ever be calling them back for anything! Very unprofessional!
  • Michael M. Aug 30, 2013
    I wish I could give them a better rating because my interactions with Ted have been pleasant - he seems like a nice guy who cares about his work. That being said, his crews damaged my property when providing services on three separate situations. One was particularly upsetting. On the first mowing, the crew mowed over a rosebush that had VERY significant meaning to my wife (it was one of the last gifts her now deceased mother gave her before she died). When I told Ted, he was very understanding and promised a replacement by the end of the week. Two months later and I am still waiting for the rosebush. Each time they came out to mow, they continued to mow over the rose bush every time they came out. Each time they did that it The mowing was inconsistent. A few times their work was outstanding; however, most of the time I could have done better work. They often left significant portions of the lawn unmowed in a rush to get their work done. When I called to complain, Ted came out immediately, brought his crew, and made them do their job (and rightfully chewed them out). They did good work the next week, but their quality quickly diminished throughout the summer. They did not consistently provide the 10 services promised at each mowing (mind you, not all of them applied to my situation so I, obviously, didn't expect those to be done). Overall, I was not happy with the service. Ted, however, was great and cared....his crews on the other hand..... If not for Ted's caring I would have given them a lower rating.
  • Heather E. Jun 9, 2013
    Ted and his crew have taken care of my yard, including mowing, triming, tree pruning, and anything else I ask them to do. I have used their services since 2010. The crew is professional and friendly. I really appreciate that they ask me if I need anything else done when they are all done. As for snow removal, they are on top of it! I was coming home from vacation in a blizzard, and was worried about being able to get into my driveway. As I was gone, I had totally forgot to call and schedule them. I was pleasantly surprised to see my drive and walk all cleared out! They truly know the meaning of customer service. I highly reccomend them to everyone!
  • Shannon P. May 2, 2013
    Main Lawn and Landscape does an amazing job! I love the way my yard looks! They are friendly, professional, and excellent at what they do!
  • Jonathan F. Mar 18, 2013
    Lawn Mowing and Trimming
    Verified Review
    Ted made an appointment with me to discuss my lawn and landscaping and to provide me with a quote. He contacted me promptly after being connected via this site, but did not show up at the designated time, did not call, and did not answer or return my calls the day of the appointment. Very disappointing.
    Ted M. Mar 21, 2013

    Unfortunately the worst imaginable tragedy kept me from making my appointment. I am a Varsity coach at Mason High School and hours before my appointment one of our student/athletes passed away. In my shock and answering the other calls of many greatly affected by this horrible tragedy, I completely forgot to call and cancel my appointment, and I take full responsibility. Barring this kind of tragedy, I would never miss an opportunity to meet with a local homeowner and I am very embarrassed as I should have at least called. I will make every effort to offer my sincere apology and either discounted services or suggest another local competitor who would provide adequate service. Again, I take full responsibility and urge any potential clients to try and understand the horrible circumstances and forgive my error, I should have called sooner. Thank you for the opportunity to explain myself, and please contact me with any opportunities where we can beautify your home or business. Ted Main-Owner/Operator;Main Lawn and Landscape; LLC.

  • Mary Lynn B. Oct 9, 2011
    Ted Main owner of Main Lawn and Landscape is a CLASS ACT!! He works within your budget and listens to your needs and concerns. Promptly returns phone calls and goes above and beyond for his customers (something sorely lacking in today's world). My parents and I both use Main Lawn and Landscape for both mowing and landscaping. We are very pleased with his work!!!!


What is your typical process for working with a new customer?
I prefer to meet with the client on the property being serviced or improved and walk around the property or area of concern. I will ask them as many questions as I can to get the best idea of their expectations, and then I will explain either multiple solutions or how we can help, as well as telling them I will return or contact them in 48-72hrs with an even more detailed illustration (for construction). For service quotes I can usually have a verbal quote after a look at the property the same day. I try to be as informative as possible without overwhelming them with the details of everything so they can easily see we know what we are doing and/or that a project may not be as simple as it seems. It is just as important to me as it would be to the client to justify cost as we are both investing our resources into their project, and we both want to be comfortable working with each other even in the worst situations knowing they can depend on us to always do the right thing.
How did you get started doing this type of work?
My family has owned and operated Mason Veterinary Clinic since 1988 and along with caring for animal patients, I would help with the lawn, landscape, and snow remival both at home and at our clinic. I also loved to help my father when he had large animal cases at several local farms, and often the farms would hire me to help with maintaining or improving their property. At 14 years old I worked at a Christmas tree farm where I learned landscape and snow removal starting as a general laborer. The senior owner suffered a back injury preventing him from even getting out of the truck some days, but we were able to continue working where he would instruct me on every aspect of the work while I completed the physical part of the projects. In addition, he would teach me how to maintain, repair, and operate all of his equipment while supervising and critiquing my work production, and answering all my questions. Every summer and winter break from then until his passing a few years later, I would work and learn a great deal about everything I could from him. After working for some other companies throughout college, I saw that I could incorporate the experience I'd gained in the landscape and snow removal industry and combine that with my family's small business approach providing exceptional care for each client. As different as veterinary care seems from the landscape and snow removal industry, I view each property and client as my family had taught me about caring for each animal and the people who lived their pets. I am very honored anytime we are chosen to care for or improve a property where the people who value it the most allow us to provide the care it needs. Our clients enjoy how comfortable we can make their property as well as how comfortable they are securing our services or enabling us to improve that which they already greatly value.
What types of customers have you worked with?
The "type" of customers we most commonly work for are hardworking people who value the image their property reflects on their customers, their guests, their family, other families, or just as a positive impact on their local community. We work with many types of residential, small business, and commercial clients who value projecting a clean and well kept appearance as respecting their neighbors and community. Our customers ensure their property not only looks good but provides security where they control how accessible every area is according to their comfort while inside or outside. Our business customers often have specific themes or traffic templates designed for efficiency or customer comfort or both while maintaining low maintenance and durability. Our residential clients are almost always ongoing lawn maintenance clients delegating many other outdoor responsibilities to us but still following their specific property plan they can enjoy. With all maintenance clients we aim to keep everything as easy and low key as possible where clients can enjoy the confidence that no problems will "pop up" for them and we capably handle anything long before it could present as a problem. We are retained to make everything easier and/or more enjoyable preventing worry and frustration for our client. The most valued services for all customers is Ongoing Lawn Maintenance (mowing, trimming, edging, clipping cleanup), Spring/Fall Cleanups (including pruning, mulching, fertilization, rolling/aerating turf, and debris removal), and material installations (Patio's/retaining walls/walkways, tree's/shrubs/plants, irrigation systems, NDS drainage solutions, or any product or structure outdoors). Ongoing lawn maintenance includes weekly/as needed services mowing all turf area's, and trimming any area inaccessible to the mowers providing a consistent and freshly manicured appearance. We also edge all the borders between the turf area's and any hard surfaces, and meticulously clean the entire service area every service. As a lawn maintenance client you will receive a 10 point detailed description/standard operating practices and procedures provided by MLL every service. Spring/Fall cleanups always have a tremendous effect on the look and feel of the property after service. After a long winter or the end of the season in the fall, we offer outdoor cleaning ranging from basic leaf removal through total property improvement involving; all unwanted debris removal, weeding, pruning, tree trimming, mulching, edge re-animation, POWER-WASHING, lawn care (rolling/aeration/de-thatching), eaves trough/down-spout cleanings, outdoor furniture detailing, pet waste removal, turf repair (seeding), and even charcoal disposal and grill cleaning. We can handle any size property and offer just a few services through many detailed tasks. Spring/Fall cleanups always have a tremendously positive effect on the property owners and the neighbors, especially the more services we are enabled to provide. Our installations always add value to our clients property and every MLL technician is trained to use the proper practices and procedures for installation. Our hardscapes including patio's, walkways, and retaining walls are guaranteed for life. We can build anything you can dream of using a variety of materials including block, natural stone, treated lumber, or any outdoor construction product available today. All of our plants/shrubs/tree's are properly installed according to the correct sun/shade and zone specifications. Any organic installation includes a one year limited warranty on viability, as long as you water and regularly maintain your plant, we will replace it at no additional cost to you for up to one year after installation if it fails to progress. Please visit our website for pictures of our local work and get some idea's for your personal landscape. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have about our services, products, or installations.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
The lawn, landscape, and snow removal business is one of the most competitive and often a homeowner or persons first experience with private contractors or small/local business starts with this industry. As cliche as it sounds, still the best way to choose the best people for your project is to check their previous work, identify how much experience they have, and speak or meet with them directly. Preferably we like to meet with anyone requesting an estimate at the work site, and we either question and/or carefully listen to their expectations for the project before presenting them with any offer. After identifying exactly what the client is expecting we may ask additional questions about project specific choices and then offer detailed descriptions about the services or installations that best fit their situation. Depending on the scope of the service or project we then send them an email with an itemized quote within 1-48hrs and offer to answer any questions or reconfigure the quote per their changes. For some services (like ongoing lawn Maint.) often we can deliver a quote after visiting the property without having to meet up in person with the client, whereas "new build total landscape installations" we often include "green prints" or rough blueprints with all of the features illustrated for the client along with a per unit installation quote. We try to be as informative and inclusive in all quotes letting people know exactly how much we can do for them, breaking down those costs to the simplest denomination (i.e. "$ per square foot; $ per unit/tree/shrub/ect). We believe that every prospective client deserves our personal attention before we deliver any quotes and we have the years of experience, all the professional prerequisites, and current references available that are also current clients. We would rather gain a client for life than have to recoup several new clients every year because of turnover.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
I would ask that new customers share any questions or concerns they may have right away, and any professional should answer AND ASK many questions to get the best idea for exactly what the customer is expecting and give a detailed response in how we could best help out. We will always encourage customers to ask any questions they have, and we feel the most important thing is for us to ask the right questions and carefully listen ti gain the best understanding of why they want you there. In addition, customers should always ask about experience, references, and we even try to show them examples of our work either in person or pictures. A competent professional should have all current licenses and insurance, and now a days some kind of website where the client can get answers to any general questions they may have, see pictures of work, read testimonials, anything that is more that someone just claiming they're capable or experienced, but a more detailed record or their work. Services like the one you find us on are great, the only thing I find frustrating is competition falsely claiming they were a customer giving you a bad review us more common than I thought was possible, but they are fairly easy to spot especially if it's a manifesto type biography. It's why we always prefer to meet with people face to fave and answer any questions they may have then. Lastly although my chosen profession doesn't necessarily require a degree or even licensing, that me and everyone who works for MLL are college educated and have extensive knowledge about Michigan lawn and landscape services and installations. This AND we are licensed and certified AND have extensive practical knowledge. I wish that new clients didnt have to be so skeptical about our abilities, but I totally understand why they are after seeing some of the horrible business practices of some of these business's. The reverse is true as well, we value our competition and some business's are really really great to compete with and they make us even better.