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About CedarSign.com

Carved Wood Signs & Custom Personalized Rustic Wooden Signs Deeply Engraved into Real Western Red Cedar. Cedar Sign Company is Family Owned and Operated and has delivered 50 Years of Persnickety, Old-World craftsmanship creating enduring Rustic Outdoor Wooden Welcome Signs that "Gracefully Weather a Lifetime"

Our Legacy-Quality Woodworking Mastery and Our Unique Stylings of Art and Creativity has made our CedarSign Brand the reason we are "North America's Favorite Carved Wood Sign Makers"!

Regardless of what message you want to offer, you could make your Carved Wood Sign as creative as you could imagine. Whether you want a Family Name Sign with suspended Kids and Pets included, an Address Number, A Biblical Quotation, a Custom Welcoming, Rustic Designs for Cabins and Camps or Classy Engraved Signs for a Wine cellar or Garden - You can have any or all of these and more in collaboration with our gifted Graphics Designers using full-scale color proofs by email exchange to a approved design of extraordinary personalization to your minds eye!


Saint Paul, MN 55124

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  • 1/5 stars


    I placed an order back in August, have never received a phone call ONCE. This company ROBS you. I can't believe that they get away with this.

    Do you research and NEVER order a sign from here. If they were not able to fulfill the order, they should have NOT accepted payment. Taking advantage of people is shameful.

  • 1/5 stars

    Lookung for a better option?



  • 1/5 stars

    Finding this website & reading the reviews have left me confused. The last time I was in contact with them was Dec. 2012. I had paid in full for my sign & was finalizing details. Then communication stopped. I e-mailed again on Feb. 5, 2013 & was then contacted by an attorney who told me this company had filed bankruptcy. I lost my $200! I understand an illness, but I don't understand keeping customers money. I'm very disappointed.

    Thom I. from CedarSign.com replied to this review on December 2, 2013:

    The founder of the original company had a devastating health failure and the family lost everything as is often true with extreme medical costs, sadly. Because 50 years of good will and 5 digit customers were not wrong, the company was acquired by employees and friends of Cedar Sign. There has been too much sadness amid too much goodness; so, we encourage Dana G. to email us at info@cedarsign.com in order to explore an opportunity to our mutual benefit.

  • 5/5 stars

    Thom Inman created a sign for use in our dressage barn. He was communicative and helpful in creating the order, customizing the sign to meet our needs. The sign was gorgeous and arrived in pristine condition. Cedar Signs as a business is reliable and trustworthy.

  • 5/5 stars

    Absolutely love and highly recommend this company. I get dog boned shaped plaques with dog names on it for each dog that is trained. Great customer service. Great product quality.

    Thom I. from CedarSign.com replied to this review on October 15, 2013:

    You are a sweetheart! Thank you so much for your kind words...

  • 5/5 stars

    Thom is an old-school craftsman and a man of values. I have been acquainted with his work for 20+ years. I am sure the situation with Robin's sign has distressed him to no end and that he will go above and beyond to make amends now that his health has improved.

  • 1/5 stars

    When i first contacted Mr. Inman i was impressed with his website. As i also was after speaking with him on the phone about what i desiired on a sign,the type of wood and shape desired, i was confident that this gift for a friend would indeed be special. That was near the end of 2011/beginning of 2012. I was told my gift would be delivered in 8 to 10 weeks. It was NOT.
    Checking on the order, in February, i left a voice mail on Mr. Inman's Voice mail. It was NOT returned.
    In March I received an invoice, dated March 22,showing payment of $119.92 being madeto Mr. Inman. I left another voice mail.It was NOT returned.
    I then contacted paypal but was informed that the time limit for reporting a problem had expired. (it actually expired before the date i was to receive it.) I left another voice mail. It was NOT returned.
    In the months since, i have left 4 more messages for Mr. Inman and emailed him a minimum of 3 times. i have heard NOTHING.
    ( i found it very humiliating to have to explain the absence of a gift i had told a friend to expect)
    I can understand if something is delayed, if an order gets lost or if problems arose in Mr. Inmans personal or business life...but to Not actowedge a call, an email, an order Not made good is inexcusable.
    So...i will NOT be reccomending CedarSign to anyone.

    Robyn Stine

    **attached is the receipt showing the order has been paid for'

    Mar 22, 2012 11:03:36 PDT
    Receipt No: 1474-5523-5886-8938

    Hello Robyn Stine,
    You sent a payment of $119.92 USD to Thom Inman.
    This charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to PAYPAL *CEDAR SIGN

    Merchant information
    Thom Inman


    Shipping information
    Robyn Stine
    13692 Samhill Drive
    Mount Airy, MD 21771
    United States

    Shipping method
    Not specified

    Unit price



    Shopping Cart

    $99.00 USD


    $99.00 USD



    $20.92 USD


    $119.92 USD

    Receipt No: 1474-5523-5886-8938
    Please keep this receipt number for future reference. You'll need it if you contact customer service at Thom Inman or PayPal.

    Thom I. from CedarSign.com replied to this review on October 22, 2012:

    A quick check reveals that PayPal was unable to credit a refund, Regrettably, a serious illness overwhelmed me, and my family, just before Christmas. The website has been up only intermittently since Christmas as my son was attempting to resolve just such issues. Additionally we have been trying to find a manufacturing vendor to fulfill our orders and restore our business to what it was before this terrible interruption. I thought I had all of these loose ends resolved. I went through three vendors who each let us down and exacerbated this painful business interruption. Through the whole fiasco communications have switched and switched and switched. I finally have a new facility of high reputation and capability coming online in three to four weeks; once and for all. I will have the phone and fax control back soon. At the moment the transaction is finalized and sealed I will be able to refund your money or create your sign. Pretty weak, I know. It's all I've got. Thank God it will all be operational again and the reasons you were motivated at all will be true for a very long time. I'm not about to let this fail after 50 years of loving and caring for what will hopefully be my legacy. Finally, I am so very sorry and personally embarrassed we could not have prevented your project from being disappointing and treated more respectfully.

Question and answer

Q. Do you have a standard pricing system for your service? If so, please share the details here.

A. THERE IS NO RESTRICTIONS TO WHAT YOU CAN HAVE FOR IMAGES There is NO page of graphics you are limited to choosing from. Images have a powerful impact on the message. One picture can make an interesting message even more compelling. Again, there is no restriction with images, either. What you may want for your sign design would come from one of these FOUR classes or packages of images...

SINGLE-SIMPLE: If all you want is a pine cone, a tree an animal silhouette or a heart - that's considered a single-simple image and adds between $26 and as much as $40, depending on the size of the plaque chosen.

SINGLE-COMPLEX: A single image that is complicated to create and carve like a tree house, or a four-wheeler or a Harley Davidson motorcycle - that's considered Single-Complex and costs between $36 and $50, depending on the size of the plaque chosen.

MULTIPLE-SIMPLE: If you want a scene with animals, a landscape, a lake scene with a fisherman - these are multiple-simple images and are naturally more complicated. They add between $50 and $64, depending on the size of the plaque chosen.

CUSTOM-COMPLEX: This is when we create a custom design or element that may require your original art or photo as for a Logo or other art file. This also includes requests for specific designs. For example not just an old tractor but a 1940 model A John Deere Tractor viewed from the right side - this adds between $72 and $96, depending on the size of the sign chosen.

While adding an image or multiple images will raise the cost with distinct predictability, it is always worth the investment. The reason for the higher cost is the increased amount of carving time and complexity necessary to engrave images into Carved Wooden Signs. The costs will vary, depending on what you want on your Rustic Cabin Sign, how large the image is and how complex the image is to carve. A single image will obviously be the least expensive, while a multiple image will require more work, and added cost. The most expensive option is custom requested, original art unique to the message, the owner and the carving artist’s repertoire. Here, graphics can be added according to your specifications, imagination or inspiration.

Q. How did you get started doing this type of work?

A. I am a life-long wood carver. I have been hand carving personalized outdoor welcome signs and engraving rustic custom wood signs and plaques for folks since 1966. Woodworking has always been my passion and the tree has always been a friend, a provider and a healer.

Anna Fraser had this to say about the tree and it's a personal favorite of mine, "You are a living illustration of great wisdom. Your kind giving spirit, which provided us with food, shelter and medicine from the wooden cradle to the wooden coffin shows me I was born into a world, which provides for all my basic needs. Many of my deepest questions are answered in endless stories, whispered and illustrated all around us. The outer world mirrors the inner world. High and low feed each other. All things create each other continuously. We are all One. All of us faces of the Great Mystery. All of us connected. One living warm golden heart.

Q. What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

A. Looking for a custom wood Welcome Sign, Rustic Cabin, Family Name or RV sign ? Are you only finding folks that make wood signs for golf courses; carnival signs; or, just plain 'ol ticky-tacky? Here at Cedar Sign Company there's no restriction to the number of letters you can have and there is never a charge for additional proofs. Consider just telling us what message you want to convey: Classic Formal; Script Formality; Whimsy; Rustic; Kid-Like; Western; State Park, etc. Or, check out the Gallery for sign examples you like and mention the look and the name of the sign you like

We'll need a couple of days to get back to you with the initial scale renderings and 10 Business Days to process the carving, finishing and drying before we ship the sign. You'll receive a UPS tracking number when your wood sign ships! As always if you don't love your sign use it for kindling and we'll give you your money back or make you a new one! The best Surprise is NO surprise!

Q. What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

A. I'm Mike Inman and I work with my Dad, Thom. Dad is a life-long wood carver and has carved hand-crafted wood signs and custom house signs and personalized welcome signs and country wooden signs from Western Red Cedar for over 40 years!

I make our hand-crafted wood signs just like my Dad taught me using genuine western red cedar; spiral-cut hardwood dowels; brass and copper hardwares; expensive, marine-grade adhesives and good old-fashioned, prideful craftsmanship passed from father to son. Today, my Mom and I own and operate the business because we love Red Cedar, just like my Dad!

Western Red Cedar is an exceptionally beautiful wood with natural coloring in mellow ambers, reddish cinnamons and rich sienna browns. This natural beauty is evident in all of our creations as we leave the natural grains and knot patterns undisturbed. We had an opportunity to see one of my Dad's first signs not long ago and it had the most beautiful silver patina..."Kinda' like your hair, Dad!"

Like Dad, Red Cedar's durability is legendary...our cedar signs "Gracefully Weather a Lifetime!"™

My Dad is always quoting Gus Stickley (Stickley Furniture fame), "The lyfe so short, the craft so long to lerne". We've been doing this for 42 years. Our custom, carved wood signs are all personalized and individually crafted from designs created using scale renderings in collaboration with you. That's the only difference from leanin' over Dad's carving bench and tellin' him what you want.

Our business isn't like Amazon.com or Sears. There is no stock on the shelves. We don't pick orders from bins. All work is custom. All work is commissioned. All work is prepaid. We work on one order at a time - in the order we receive them. Sometimes the line gets real long. Like Father's Day and Christmas. Often we don't have time to go back down the line and see how you are doing with your idea, your proof or the reason why we have not heard from you. Most importantly, the proofs (scale color renderings) we send you must be approved before we carve anything. If you approve a sign proof with your name misspelled - that's on you. Don't call in a fuss over the credit hold on your credit card when placing your order. All work is commissioned and pre-paid. What you will get isn't like Amazon.com or Sears, either!

These are definitely not ticky-tacky; and you won't find us at carnivals or craft fairs! Creating carved wood signs with Western Red Cedar is the natural place to start. Not only does it have distinctive beauty, natural durability and centuries of proven performance; REAL Western Red Cedar is the ultimate green material. Your wooden Welcome Sign will gracefully weather a lifetime™ with simple maintenance!

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