Nicole Larson Fashion & Costume Design

Nicole Larson Fashion & Costume Design

Saint Paul, MN

About Nicole Larson Fashion & Costume Design

Nicole is a conceptual fashion and costume designer. The process of creating is very important to her. She describes herself as quite traditional in the sense that she will not jump to the end result right away. In her process, she researches from a theme or idea and does many preliminary sketches to get where she or a client would like to be.

To see the final product clearly, she will make a final illustration, have fabric swatches, and have renderings of detailed areas of the costume or garment.

Nicole is most interested in working with unconventional materials, and is always trying to come up with new ways of portraying something that has been done the same way over and over.

She enjoy working on her own, but also loves to collaborate and get input from others. Nicole is always up for a challenge!


Saint Paul, MN 55104

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