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Why Train at Old-School Fitness? It's simple - RESULTS. Our Mission To help our clients achieve and maintain the results they desire. Your fitness program is based on your goals, an evaluation of your needs and a progressive training plan that ties them together. We offer Simple, Efficient, Effective fitness solutions. Our focus is full-body conditioning, increased strength and fat loss using old-school training techniques and kettlebells. Why Kettlebells? Are recognized worldwide as a superior exercise modality. Used by people of all ages and sizes for strength, conditioning and rehabilitation. Ideal for athletes as movements trained are used in all sports. Why Kettlebell Training? - Benefits everyone: simple, efficient and effective - Delivers a full-body workout targeting all major muscle groups - Improves mobility and flexibility in the back, hips and shoulders - Ideal for busy people who don't have hours to spend in the gym Kettlebells - Train movements, not individual muscles - Blend strength training and cardio conditioning - Develop strength and power without bulking up - Strengthen ligaments and tendons to prevent injury - Provide greater fat loss for lean and muscular physique If you want greater strength, more definition, improved cardiovascular fitness, are rehabbing an injury or just bored with your current "hamster on the wheel" workout, contact us. We'll show you how kettlebells provide the quickest and most effective workout available!


Apex, NC 27523

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    Coverage Area for Old-School Fitness is about 30+ miles of Apex, NC.