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Frank's Taxi

Rochester, NH (map)

About Frank's Taxi

I'm an old school taxi driver. I charge $4.00 for the first mile and $1.75 for every mile after that. As far as time goes, it's $0.25 a minute, but only if it's a store-type stop. I don't believe in charging different rates for different areas.

Medical rates are different. I charge $4.00 for the first mile and $1.50 per mile after that. I'm still a small company right now, having two taxis. I service Rochester, East Rochester and Gonic.

My company prides itself on being honest, true and dependable. Any one who has ever rode in my taxi become a Frank's Taxi fan. I don't do trips to Logan and such; I believe that local people who need to get to the doctor or work are far more important.


18 Schley St Rochestr
Rochester, NH 03867


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  • 1/5 stars

    Rip off! They take the longest way possible to run up the meter. Rude on the phone, rude in the car. All around poor business practices. Call Dixie's 750-5100. Fair ride direct and to your location. Very friendly and efficient, meaning they don't take advantage of the customer!! Remember call Dixie's 750-5100! If there was a negative scale frank's would be at the top of that list!