Frank's Taxi

Rochester, NH

About this pro

I'm an old school taxi driver. I charge $4.00 for the first mile and $1.75 for every mile after that. As far as time goes, it's $0.25 a minute, but only if it's a store-type stop. I don't believe in charging different rates for different areas.

Medical rates are different. I charge $4.00 for the first mile and $1.50 per mile after that. I'm still a small company right now, having two taxis. I service Rochester, East Rochester and Gonic.

My company prides itself on being honest, true and dependable. Any one who has ever rode in my taxi become a Frank's Taxi fan. I don't do trips to Logan and such; I believe that local people who need to get to the doctor or work are far more important.


Rochester, NH 03867


1 Reviews
  • Don D. Mar 23, 2014
    Rip off! They take the longest way possible to run up the meter. Rude on the phone, rude in the car. All around poor business practices. Call Dixie's 750-5100. Fair ride direct and to your location. Very friendly and efficient, meaning they don't take advantage of the customer!! Remember call Dixie's 750-5100! If there was a negative scale frank's would be at the top of that list!