Spring Reins of Hope-Growth, Getting to the Horse of the Matter

Hillsborough, NJ

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How does your business stand out?

Within the EAP/EAL field which is growing (over 200% in last 3 years) we have a PsyD docorate level mental health professional - who also has a heavy background in Bio Feed Back, Clinical Trials and Metaphorical Learning. In addition that - we go the extra 5 miles with regard to providing top care and maintenance to our 4 legged therapists and teachers... Natural balance foot trimming and equalibrium dentistry allows them to have 100% physical balance (while loose in the arena with clients), we also provide organic grass hay, organic feeds regimen and a customized supplement program. Lastly and most importantly - we select our horses with criteria showing an aptitude for this work. Any equine can do EAP/EAL - however we select horses whose hearts beat to this work...this way they dont get burned out and we can provide the highest quality EAP / EAL services possible!

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

That it is constantly changing! Every client - and every session is a new experience based on the specifics of the process and the horses interact or react differently to each set of circumstances... So I never know what to expect, nor can we predict how a session will play out. Keeps you fresh and also endeared to the process and the work!
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  • Kacey G. Feb 21, 2011
    This was such a wonderful experience...my sister and I are supporting each other through big transitions. The staff -Christiana and Maria - gave us time to move through excercises with a pair of sweet horses...both very different from each other...kind of like my sister and me! The experience stayed with me for months to come and it gave me a great deal of clarity about the future. I wish everyone could experience Spring Reins of Hope and Growth. It is briliant and unique.
  • Laura G. Feb 15, 2011
    I was thrilled to FINALLY have this type of program available to our youth in NJ. Our family was introduced to Equine Assisted Services out West while my daughter attended a theraputic boarding school. The program and results were simply amazing.
  • Colleen T. Nov 9, 2010
    Mankind has often enforced a savage dominance over the horse, and for that he should apologize. These magnificant beasts toiled mightily over the centuries to help us tame the wilds, plow and harvest our fields, transport our possessions, even die in our wars; & sometimes under the cruelest of masters. I am proud to say that I have never participated in their abject slavery. Even so, I humbly request forgiveness from every horse that has crossed my path, for they are truely God's noblest creatures. ~ ANONYMOUS The remarkable thing about the EAGALA team of Maria and Christianna and the horses at Spring Reins of Hope is that they have captured using academic & the heart-felt essential nature of the horse to benefit people with their gift of complete honesty. They cannot communicate with feigned emotions or artificial reactions. Horses cannot relate to superficial behavior or insincere thoughts: nor do they have the ability to be judgemental. They can only be themselves & experience the present moment. As EAP & EAL fans like to say, "If only we could be more like horses!" At the live demonstration Nov 7, 2010 I watched as a group of 5 women (I think 2 knew each other) bond in an exercise of cooperation using 2 horses & ribbons going through an obsticle course, & how they glowed like long lost friends when they processed how that worked! Beautiful to witness the connections & the horses were obviously proud to be a part of "it" as well. This EAGALA model approach has been known to true horsemen since the horse was domesticated, think of the cave drawings. While it may be new to those who do not interact with horses on a regular basis, the gift they have to offer us, non-horses, might be one we want to invest in :0) Colleen Torsney PS: Get your vote in for Zenyatta for HOTY. Mike it is OK, horses don't hold grudges & they taught me not to either!
  • Christianna C. Nov 8, 2010
    There is a powerful intensity within the confines of EAP and EAL work - horses know the way home! The industry of EAP (psychotherapy) and EAL (life skills learning) has grown over 230% in the past 3 years...with marked results! These gentle healers and teachers have supported the human race with their muscle for thousands of years...now we are entering an age where they can heal, nurture and support our hearts!
  • Louieb F. Nov 8, 2010
    Spring Reins of Hope-Growth, Horse of the Matter. THESE are phenomenal people doing amazing work in difficult situations. Supporting Spring Reins of Hope is supporting us,U.S. and helping to heal us . We know the problems, not we know one of the solutions! -Louie b.


What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?
We will work with clients any way we can to accomodate budgets. Since the APA (American Psych Assoc) has endorsed AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) as a viable mode of treatment there is funding available for this to non profit orgs. Also many insurance carriers are now willing to cover at least a portion of services. Pricing is based on our PsyD office hour rates combined with the cost of overhead for our 4 legged therapists and teachers... Horses are expensive to maintain, but in this work the value of what they provide and the timely manner in which long lasting results are granted make it well worth the investment. Individual private session: $250.00 Couples session: $350.00 Family rate: $450.00 Group rates; Range from $1,750.00 - $15,000.00 (please inquire with us as this price range depends upon many things) CASH, Multiple sessions and some other factors may allow us to offer discounts on standard rates.
What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
YES! Our teams of mental health professionals (MHP) and equine specialists (ES) are constantly updating our credentials. We attend approved CE credit courses provided by EAGALA (our international certifying body) and also are active in the research and profiling of this growing field of equine assisted services. The horses also actually keep us engaged and learning - we have learned that in each session or workshop that we do there is the opportunity for us to learn something new by observing and staying tuned into what information the horses provide and HOW they provide it. We are focused on constantly expanding and exploring our perimeters with regard to the intensity and power of this work in EAP and EAL. Its a life time journey of learning and growing.
How did you get started doing this type of work?
Christianna Capra, Executive Director and Co-Founder. My horse led me to this work ultimately. All my life has been involved and surrounded with horses, and for many years I searched for a way to combine my passion for horses to a career. In 2006 a series of events led me to the connections needed to find my calling and life's work. A book chapter that details this story was published in the book called, Horses with a Mission, Extraordinary True Stories of Equine Service (New World Library, 2009). Our story was chosen to be one of 21 heart warming stories from thousands of online entries. "Finding My Passionate Purpose with Spring Thaw" See a link to the chapter here: http://www.springreinsofhope.com/PDF/SROH-About%20Us%20-HorsesWithAMission-Final%20Web%202009%20Story.pdf