Guided Chaos Adaptive Defense Training Center

Elmsford, NY

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No Uniforms, No Sport-fighting, No nonsense.

This is NOT Krav Maga or MMA.

This is the only school of it's kind.

The fastest way to learn superior self-defense is by learning how to feel and adapt to violent attacks -- spontaneously, without memorized, sportive or patterned techniques. Real violence is never choreographed. Your self-defense shouldn't be either.

Since 1978, Guided Chaos is the only system teaching true, free-form, ADAPTIVE self-defense:

1. Simple, brutal self-defense methods you can learn in weeks.
2. Advanced self-defense methods that can take you to the highest levels in the shortest time.

"John Perkins is an expert on the dynamics of violence." -- Dr. Peter Pizzola, Director, NYPD Crime Lab

"John Perkins' combat methods are the most efficient and devastating that I have experienced before, during, and since the military." -- Ret. Lieutenant Dick Shea, original Navy SEAL team member

Guided Chaos Training Center - Elmsford NY:

Focused, intensive instruction on every component of the Guided Chaos system at our new, custom-equipped headquarters (try out the new GC "Crash Rack"!). We are committed to stimulating exponential learning with training, drills, methods, and principles found nowhere else.

Adults only; no kids*. No katas. No uniforms. We offer a free intro lesson and 1/2 price class packages for new students.

Instructors: Lt. Col. Al Ridenhour USMC (GC Master); Matt Kovsky (GC Master)

Why our training is different. What we don't do:

1. Sport fighting or competitive grappling.
Sport matches have rules, the street does not. The street has multiple attackers, sport matches do not.

2. Flowery, fancy moves.
This is not a movie, and your attacker won't be impressed.

3. Delusional "reality-based self-defense" with no correlation to reality.
There are very expensive systems out there that claim to have some special secrets to surviving violent attacks that have no correlation to the forensic reality of real violence:

- Systems of locks and holds that will "immobilize" the attacker. Why do you see gangs of police officers "piling" on top of single perps on TV episodes of Cops and YouTube? Because locks only work on drunks. And forget about "controlling" the enemy's knife hand at adrenaline speed... unless you want to become hamburger.

- Systems that focus only on hitting the enemy's lethal targets while ignoring both your own defense and the enemy's attacks on you, even if they have weapons. Nobody is going to just "let" you hit them. Bad guys hit back and defend themselves as well. And you can't just "trade" blows with a knifer or shooter and survive intact.

4. Tell you there are "secret" pressure points that will magically provide "one-touch knockouts" of your attackers.
There are only two "pressure points" that have real stopping power against an enraged, determined enemy: the throat and the eyes. All the others have greatly limited effectiveness during the wild chaos of real violence. Police reports show that even direct kicks to the groin can be withstood by psychotic or meth-addicted monsters. The trick is getting to your targets while simultaneously protecting your own.

5. Promise you you'll become invincible.
("We guarantee you'll stop a murderous motorcycle gang with one hand tied behind your back!"). Schools that make promises like that are worse than dangerous. We make no guarantees because as cops, Feds, and soldiers, we know real violence is a crap shoot. Even when you "win", you can be seriously injured, but we teach what we have found to be the best tools to survive.

What we do:

1. Teach you to flow and adapt with your attacker, blending your defense and offense simultaneously, spontaneously, and without pre-planned moves. Essentially, you will learn to create your defense moment by moment, giving you what you need and when you need it, to survive and escape, and we start teaching you this from day one, not after 20 years.

2. We teach the mastery of 5 principles of dynamic motion using unique drills and not rigid techniques. These are balance, body unity, looseness, and sensitivity, culminating in the 5th principle: total freedom of action and adaptability. No one else does this, or does it the way we do.

3. For beginners and those short on time, we teach simple, brutal, easy-to-learn methods based on proven World War II close quarters combat taught to our soldiers in 8 hours to fight the Japanese in the jungles of the Pacific (who were all thought to be karate and judo masters). Unfortunately, this is not what is being taught to cops and soldiers today. These methods have been enhanced with select Guided Chaos principles (hitting power and balance) and are effective against most attacks you're likely to encounter. You can then go on to learn the entire art of Guided Chaos which is much more advanced, yet make quicker progress than with most systems.

4. Ground fighting and weapons defenses based on the forensic reality of true violence, not sportive grappling or delusional disarms that can make things far worse. These martial myths are hard to believe when shown for what they are, yet they comprise the majority of what is being taught in the biggest schools today.


Elmsford, NY 10523


2 Reviews
  • Ed O. Sep 10, 2013
    I started this training to improve my balance and learn a few potentially useful things while doing so. I've has done that and much more. The instructors take the time to explain, demonstrate and work with students to develop both their conditioning (think balance, not pushups) and their skills. The result is the ability to adapt to many different circumstances and confidence to go with it. This class is about useful skills and freedom of movement, not forms and drills. it is well worth trying.
  • Santino T. May 8, 2013
    The classes are excellent- they're very comprehensive. I feel like I've learned more in the last few weeks at the new facility than I've learned in the last 5 months at the previous location. It’s like I’m getting a private lesson every night. We get right down to business, no horsing around. I’ve studied many different martial arts throughout my life including Krav Maga, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and even boxing. The system of Guided Chaos created by John Perkins is like something from another planet. It takes the best components from different martial arts and combines them into one master art. There’s nothing like it. Oh yeah, it’s super fun too. Masters Dave and Al are the main instructors and have been practicing Guided Chaos for over 20 years each- so you’re not getting a 23 year old kid telling you to do some random exercises. If you're really serious about self defense and you want to get better, you should check it out.