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Sharing the love of classic British automobiles with my customers, and working to keep them where they should be, on the road !!


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10 Reviews
  • Tris B. May 21, 2016
    I have a Jaguar and after less than 500 miles the starter from BritishStarters failed. Worse, it failed at a high profile Concours, leaving me stranded with a crowd of spectators surrounding me. Thankfully, they pitched in and gave me a push start. When I got the car home I discovered the starter was lose. But it was not lose as far as being bolted to the car. Rather, it was lose in that what British starters does is the take a Japanese manufactured starter and bolt on a spacer. However, it was how they bolted on the spacer that failed thus causing the starter to be lose and causing it to not engage and to grind teeth on the flywheel with its off angle partial engagement. I discovered BritishStarters had made several design errors, in my opinion. For instance, they used a spacer which put additional stress on the original threads on the starter body that were originally intended to hold the starter together not mount a spacer. But what they do next was shocking. They used different (wrong in my opinion) bolts than the OEM manufacturer and their bolts are too short! So around half a dozen threads on the short aluminum threaded body are never even used. The OEM bolts actually protrude past the end of the threads ensuring that all threads are used. I contacted BritishStarters and communicated via email and phone with the owner. First, it took him a very long time to reply despite repeated emails and statements from me that I needed to get my car up and running. But then, even when I provided him the serial number he engraves on the starter/spacer, he claimed he could not find my starter in his files. When I said I provided his own engraved serial number he said that was just a “batch number” and that he didn’t keep those records purchase records with serial numbers. Meanwhile, with this Jaguar in the garage my daily driver (XJR) was hit while parked on the street for three weeks while this nonsense went on, costing me about $1k to repair! After three weeks of nonsense, after sending photos and explaining to BritishStarters how it was their design that failed, and showing them pics of my car (featured on Sports Car Digest, Petrolicious images, etc) and getting no offer to swap out the starter for a replacement, I finally gave up. I have never dealt with a company with such poor customer service. Talk about not standing behind your product! Plus, anytime I have an issue with things, warranty on my car, car battery, my phone, printer, computer, etc., they always ask for the serial number. That’s how people / companies keep track of their products. My experience with this company was a ridiculous waste of time.
  • Tom P. Dec 9, 2015
    Gear Reduction starter for Sunbeam Alpine SIV - goods delivered US to Australia within 7 days. Adaptor ring had multi positioning and allowed me to rotate solenoid to my preferred position. Straight up install - done in a couple of hours. No more clicky starts from the Prince of Darkness, just a solid crank and fire. Excellent.
  • Jerry J. Sep 21, 2015
    My new British Starter burned out after install by a certified mechanic. Smoked like crazy and had to replace it. Have no idea why so I bought a competitors and its seems to be working fine
    Dave At B. Sep 21, 2015

    Hi Jerry. I am confused by your feedback. Our starters all come with a warranty, so your new starter from us would have been covered. What car were you putting it in? What is the name of the shop that installed it for you? You state it is a certified mechanic. I would be happy to speak to the mechanic directly about it. Did the starter just start to smoke upon install? Did it make any noises? What were the symptoms? Please contact is directly for resolution. We guarantee all of our starters, and I wonder why we never received a call or email from you? I find this negative post suspect because I was never contacted about the starter going bad. And because all of our starters have a warranty, a real customer would have reached out to us for advice, a replacement starter, or a refund. In my 5yrs of running this company, this is a first. That one star rating should be taken with a grain of salt.

  • Ed D. Aug 4, 2014
    Starter came quick and fit perfect and works great for my 1990 Ferrari Mondial T. Thanks David Best Regards Ed
  • Neil H. Apr 5, 2013
    Just installed one on my 1972 Jaguar XKE S3 2+2 - V12. After I removed the old Lucas lump and compared it to the new starter I was nervous about the size and weight difference. Installed in 1 hour! Fired up on the first turn!Excellent product. Happy Starting.
  • Craig D. Oct 28, 2012
  • Dennisl C. Oct 6, 2012
    Quick responce and arived as ordered
  • Kim C. Sep 23, 2012
    Easy to work with Dave. Starter arrived when promised, easy to install and worked the first time and every time since. I would work with Dave and British Starters again.
  • Greg D. Sep 23, 2012
    Purchased a quality product, delivered quickly and at a fair price. Had a pre purchase question and answered promptly.
  • Rob S. Sep 22, 2012
    great starters , tech support by phone , good price . what more can you ask ?