Bridge Communications

Yellow Springs, OH

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About this pro

Bridge Communications is the home of intelligent design, driven by communications objectives, and spanning the broad range of media, from traditional print to online interactive.

With more than 50 years combined experience with corporate, institutional and non-profit clients, we offer solutions that work.

To understand how we work, you need to understand our communications philosophy. Design is not art... it never was. Design is developing an appropriate visual form for communication of specific information via a specific medium to a specific audience for a specific purpose within a specific budget. It has a context.

Effective design requires the aesthetics of an artist, the understandings of a psychologist and anthropologist, the analytic ability of a theoretician, the pragmatism of a mathematician, and the facility with words of a novelist. Because only when you create the gestalt -- the whole -- that integrates the form of the message with its content can you hope to succeed in your communication.

Then you have a design that works and that actually communicates.


Yellow Springs, OH 45387