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How does your business stand out?

First of all, I believe in creating safety by being open, so a client can share anything, not wasting precious time and resources. I probably share more than other professionals as you can see below, but it is so my clients choose well, knowing who they are opening up to, and if I fit their comfort zone. I don't believe in judgment. To me, life is about learning. A person soon learns if a counselor fits what they are looking for in a confidante and someone that can offer options and solutions, or a new way to look at their challenges. I truly enjoy lifting roadblocks and clearing confusion. My own life helped to shape my compassion and passion for helping others. I lean to natural methods of problem solving, and am therefore a Minimalist in my opinions with any medication use since they contaminate healing and clarity, only try to address symptoms which may be situational or from loss, etc., and they deplete nutrients, causing serious physical and mental problems in time. With side effects, tolerance, contraindications in mixing chemicals and dangers of withdrawal, many end up on a list of meds, harming their quality of life and longevity. I urge people to go to sites like to research results of medications they are either on, or have been prescribed, by reviews of hundreds of others. I encourage informed decisions. I use the information from hours of research in health and nutrition and my personal recovery from Cancer and Lyme to help those I meet with prevention, healing and avoiding remission. I share CD's on many health problems, so with education, folks can make better choices. My experience with Sexual Abuse healing/recovery began with facilitating a group for Adults Molested as Children/Parents of Molested Children. Shortly after I began studying Psychology/Admin. Of Justice in college, in 1985. I've worked at an Advocacy Center for children, Sexual Offender Treatment, a Co-Ed Prison, Community Corrections and a Community Counseling Center. My personal journey included 12-step groups like ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholic...and other Dysfunctional Families), Co-dependent Anonymous, groups, books and literature, etc. Many people find they want to develop better communication and problem-solving/conflict resolution skills, and desire satisfying relationships. I found that many people seeking help have some kind of abuse or trauma in their background, and that addictions like alcohol and drugs are only symptoms of this. I've worked with Individuals and Groups in my Private practice, counseled Adults and Children in my Social Work Graduate Clinic, ran an Anger Management Group, Co-facilitated 5 Batterer Intervention Groups, offered sliding scale to an agency's individual clients, founded another AMAC group, purposely sought out perspective by seeking Practicum experience in a Co-ed Prison, Community Corrections, Private Sex Offender Treatment along with an Aftercare Group, an Advocacy Center for the worst physically and sexually abused children, attended County-run Adult and Juvenile Sex Offender groups, worked in Chemical Dependency, etc. I enlisted a supervisor twice to get my LCSW license, and found both agencies were extremely dysfunctional, along with the Licensing Board. Disillusioned at the second agency that wasn't reporting ongoing domestic violence w/ children in the home and dangerous drug parties w/ small children in another home, I was given my individual clients and started my own practice. I cannot be part of looking the other way when it comes to the protection of vulnerable people. At that point, I decided since the Board said I could not get my own Private Supervisor using the hours from my private practice towards licensure as Counselors do, and as I had been doing with the same individual clients in the last agency, that I would continue my practice and perhaps go back to school at some point to get my Doctorate in Jurisprudence. I would still continue to study and write, and work on publishing a Practice paper on Juvenile Sex Abuse Intervention. 80% of adult offenders began as juveniles. I can work as a Social Worker, Life Coach and Mentor, and give my clients the benefit of my social work/counseling experience. Web practice opens Counseling up to all the states, and the world. No one can possibly be licensed in every state, so I offer help in my fields of expertise. The more life and counseling experience a person has, the more valuable they are to clients. I'm headed to 62, have been through trauma in childhood, married, Motherhood, divorce, loss, single parenting, student life, earned a BS with High Honors and 5 Scholarships, a Graduate Degree, home owner, Caregiver of my Elderly Father, Cancer Survivor, Poet since second grade, and Lyme survivor, etc. I took care of my elderly father directly for 3 years, and oversaw his care for 12 years, until my health began collapsing, and I had to take a leave of absence with a cancer diagnosis. With research on nutrition for natural solutions, I found a way I could help my clients in further dimensions, of physical health that affect their mental and emotional health. I love to share recipes and ideas for healthier living. I also provide educational CD's and Nutritional Deficiency Surveys free of charge. For instance, when the Medical Field's antibiotics have set up resistance, reactions and sensitization, I share knowledge of nature's antibiotics and immune building herbs and nutrients. Marshmallow tea relieves the pain of a Urinary Tract Infection, for instance, and Candida is the base of many health problems such as prostatitis, UTI's, colon issues, etc. The DNA of Candida is Cancer, so diet, sun and exercise are important to bring the numbers down, and things like folic acid delivered at the right time to the right place in your body, can stop Candida from morphing into the fungal form, that will invade your bloodstream, organs, sinus's, etc. I share my experience and research to let you understand how your food is your medicine, how medications deplete nutrients, how toxins, foreign DNA protein and virus's in vaccines are setting up thousands with Auto-immune diseases, and how to aid your immune system, etc. If I absorb a seminar where I learn that steroids, antibiotics, radiation, chemo, Ibuprofen and many meds turn off your immune system, I share this wealth of information with you....

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

There are many theories of counseling, and a good Counselor can choose the best approach, but it is advantageous to have an older, experienced Counselor and one that can listen well, without judgment. In today's fast-paced world, being able to summarize and confront the whole picture takes skill, but caring for the best outcome and helping guide discovery of workable solutions often demands a particular caring, knowledgable professional person. I enjoy striving to make that mark in serving others. I am not beyond growth and human learning myself, and can humbly say that each hour spent with clients enlarges my acumen to share valid solutions. A Social Worker by definition is an advocate for social justice. Each client I have spoken with and each book read has enriched my understanding and ability to help the next person. Having been in quandaries in my own life, feeling overwhelmed and not knowing whom to trust and having limited budget for counseling after the rest of life's demands, it is satisfying to me to be able to offer a safe haven to others to be heard and to discuss options in working out the concerns and griefs on one's plate. About a third of my practice is reserved for sliding scale clients, as needed.
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Medford, OR 97501

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What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?
Explained above 1. Free Initial consultation. 2. $100 per session hour. (55 min. generally.) 3. $50 per half hour session. 4. $150 for two hours. 5. Sixth Session is free after 5 paid sessions. 6. $25 for an emailed session. 7. Sliding scale fee as needed.
What is your typical process for working with a new customer?
1. Call By Phone to schedule your No-Charge one-hour initial consultation. 2. I ask a client to read the Service Agreement on my website ( at the bottom of the download section and send an email that they have, confirming our next Appointment when they've decided to meet. 3. They send their agreed-upon payment for the scheduled first session after emailing they've read the Service Agreement, and they are officially on my schedule. 4. My normal charge is $100 per hour, $50 per half hour and I offer a discount for two hours at $150. Sliding scale can be discussed if needed. 5. For those meeting more than once, I offer the Sixth (6th) Session at No-Charge. This creates an average cost per session of $71.43 for a total of 7 hours of my time, including the initial hour consultation. 6. For those involved in a longer term of work, an exit session to analyze what you have gained or accomplished is not charged for.
What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
See above information...
How did you get started doing this type of work?
I became interested in this type of work by observing the dynamics of my childhood home, initially. It made me seek answers when I was an adult. Also, at one point I sought out a Support Group for Parents of Molested Children/Adults Molested as Children and found they needed a Facilitator they could count on. We used the book The Courage to Heal. The group grew quickly to over forty people. My own life's experience of siblings I loved that became involved in abuse made me seek answers in college, books, and groups of all kinds so I could make sense of things and perhaps help. I sought to know the Corrections field, Psychology, Social Work, etc. I love learning and sharing with others, to help lift burdens, be part of healing and open the way for happy living. Working with all areas of life, and living my own, expanded my Practice.
What types of customers have you worked with?
My practice has involved working with Individual clients, Couples and Groups. Some areas of practice: Interpersonal relationships, Marriage/separation/Divorce Adjustment Adults Molested as Children Parents of Molested Children Depression/Anxiety Mental Health/Labeling/Medication or Drug-induced Mental Health issues Women's Group LIfe Transitions Group: Loss, Moving, Job loss, break-ups, relationships, loneliness Caregiving, Eldercare, Dementias/Alzheimer's Health: Nutrition, Medication Information, Cancer, Lyme
Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?
Besides helping others rebuild lives, relationships, happiness, health, etc., I enjoy creating beauty in the homes I live in and repair. From lighting, cooking for myself and others, gardening, travel, biking and walking, etc. my project is to create a life I am happy with. As a young Mother, I kept a journal of my children, so they would know they were loved and watched over. I would write poems about them and my on thoughts and journey, learn to make nutritious food and sew their clothing and a sock monkey and then a Raggedy Ann or Andy for each one of them. I found that no matter how hard we work as parents, we cannot control or know everything. Our children may take a long road to recognize and be grateful for our efforts, they may sever the umbilical cord in a movement of exile, they learn and heal at their own schedule. I find that learning never ends, but I am most fond of creating food, beauty, self forgiveness, patience and relating to others in healthy, satisfying ways. I am working on a book that will put my projects on paper, and leave some hopeful answers for my children and others.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
1. Don't assume a degree or license ensures emotional or mental intelligence, pertinent knowledge, experience in your area of concern, compassion or ethical behavior. Decide what is important to you, and interview Counselors to find what is a comfortable fit. You will want a positive, compatible, genuine, trustworthy person for a Counselor/Client relationship. 2. Look for someone who is willing to meet in person or spend at least a half hour with you on the phone-free of charge, to check out knowledge, compatibility and comfort of service. 3. Learn what you can from your Counselor, and then consider getting out of your comfort zone to gain from someone else's perspective, if you still are searching for answers. 4. Go beyond Individual Counseling , and ask for an experience to share in a Group setting when you're ready or if your reason for seeking Counseling could benefit from that. Groups reduce isolation, depression and anxiety, and can produce positive benefits of social growth and understanding of self and others. Whether it's a Women's or Men's group, Divorce or Life Transitions group, etc., someplace to share recent or unresolved grief or perhaps caregiving for the Disabled or ill spouse or elderly parent, the benefits can be outstanding and life changing. 5. Like they say in AA: Take what you like and leave the rest. You decide.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
1. What do I hope to accomplish in seeking help with..... What are my expectations in counseling? 2. What type of person do I want to seek information from, for they are likely to influence me. 3. How long do I want to commit to self improvement through developing a relationship with someone who will help me to grow personally? 4. What level of honesty will I commit to so my time is used wisely? What is my budget and projected end date? 5. How long do I think this process will take, and when will I know I am ready to move on? 6. What type of feelings am I looking for at the end of this journey of discovery? What type of effort and work am I willing to dedicate here? 7. How important is my relationship with myself or significant other(s) now and in the future? 8. What can I choose and control and learn, and what is out of that control or choice?