How much does asphalt repair cost?

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The average cost for an asphalt repair is $265. You are likely to spend between $110 and $660 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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Asphalt repair is available for private homes, multiunit buildings, businesses or offices, commercial spaces, and public spaces. The task includes seal coating, painting or marking, filling thin cracks, filling big cracks, filling potholes, and resurfacing. Professionals commonly help with driveways, sidewalks and walkways, patios, parking lots, and game courts or recreation areas. Repairs can be small surface areas or large areas over thousands of square feet. Several factors affect the cost of asphalt repair.


Asphalt repair involves more than just labor. The total price also includes the cost of the asphalt and the overhead costs for trucking the materials and the equipment. According to All Pro Paving in Perris, California, the average price for asphalt in San Diego area is $80–$90 per ton and the average price for asphalt in Los Angeles area is $100 per ton. One ton of asphalt paves 80 square feet. Most dump trucks hauling a load of asphalt get about 3–7 miles per gallon, so the fluctuating cost of diesel fuel also affects the total cost for asphalt repair services.

Square footage

Most asphalt repair companies charge by the square foot. Typically, the larger the asphalt repair job, the lower the price per square foot because the higher volume of work offsets the company’s overhead. For example, All Pro Paving charges the following prices per square foot:

  • Approximately 7,000 square feet of repair work: $2 per square foot

  • Approximately 1,500 square feet of repair work: $3 per square foot


Professionals frequently seal driveways and walkways to prevent cracks and holes from developing because of thermal expansion, the bearing of heavy loads over time and other damage. Various types of sealants are available, and different companies use different types. All Pro Paving use a hot rubberized tar treatment to fill holes and seal the top layer of asphalt. Here are a couple pricing examples:

  • Standard driveway: 25 cents per square foot—one coat lasts two to three years, depending on weather, and two coats last three to five years

  • Approximately 20,000 square feet of surface, such as a parking lot: 20 cents per square foot

The texture of driveway affects the overall cost. Coarse driveways require more material (and cost more) and smoother surfaces require less material.

Fixing small cracks

Often the cost for filling in small cracks is by the linear foot. Some companies base their linear foot rates on what they need to cover their business overhead for a particular job. All Pro Paving measures each crack individually to provide an estimate and typically charges $1–$3 per linear foot. Cost factors include how the big cracks are, how dirty the cracks are, whether the cracks have grass growing in them and how much labor is required to prep the cracks for repair.

Sample job

All Pro Paving charged $5,700 for a 2,500 square foot overlay, covering damaged asphalt with a new layer. The job required 10 hours of labor and entailed cleaning existing asphalt off completely, spraying SS 1H (glue), laying 20 tons of asphalt in a 1.5-inch layer and rolling it all out with machines, rakes and shovels.

Fixing potholes

Potholes form over time when cracks or foundational faults develop into larger problems. Asphalt repair pros are can fix and fill potholes, but many companies charge a minimum fee or have an asphalt load requirement. It pays to bundle repairs with other paving services (or partner with neighbors who are also in need). For example, All Pro Paving charges a $1,000 minimum fee to fix potholes and requires customers to purchase two tons of asphalt. This cost includes includes labor and materials.

Free estimates

Many asphalt repair companies provide free estimates. A site visit is almost always necessary to gauge how much prep work (cleaning, weed removal, clearing loose gravel) is needed, how many materials are required, how many workers to assign to the job, how much time the job will take and the overall cost. Some smaller companies with lower overhead can take on small jobs more readily.

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