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Bed frame assembly service providers come to your home to efficiently and correctly assemble bed frames—and many other types of furniture that comes unassembled (also known as "ready to assemble" or RTA). Several bed frame types are commonly sold (or included) with new mattresses, but not all retailers include free bed frame assembly with mattress delivery. The most common basic bed frame is the metal keyhole adjustable type, which holds a box spring and a mattress. These bed frames have brackets on one end for attaching a headboard, and they rest on hollow legs that can be capped to remain stationary or have wheels inserted to allow the bed to move. Large mattress sizes may require a stabilizer bar in the middle. Certain mattress brands have their own custom bed frames or bases, some of which snap together or pop-up relatively easily. Having a service provider assemble any bed frame that has 10 or more separate parts can save time and help ensure sturdy assembly. The average cost for bed frame assembly depends on the region and complexity of the assembly project.


To check a service provider’s qualifications, peruse reviews of a service provider. Triple D Assembly has photos of the beds it has assembled for customers. Some furniture assembly services are operated by or employ people with construction or carpentry experience. Robert’s Assembly & Installation is set up as a more formal business with liability insurance to cover any damages that occur to the bed frame or other items in your home during assembly. An assembler’s qualifications need not surpass the complexity of the job at hand. Dom Santana of Handyman Dom has on-the-job experience and a handyman certificate through his local trade union.

Some assemblers provide the service because they previously worked in the industry in some capacity. Hugo Emidio of Hugo Installs specializes in assembling and installing beds and in-home medical equipment sold at medical supply retailers, and Carl Richie of Absolute Furniture Installations has previous experience as a mattress and bed frame delivery person.


Depending on the location, some providers charge a extra if they have to travel beyond a certain distance to the assembly location. Gary Glass of HandyG’s charges a flat rate per piece for assembly with a $60 minimum and, in some case, adds an additional $15 travel fee.

Cost per piece

Most assembly providers charge a flat rate per piece assembled. Simpler bed frames typically cost less. Already Assembled charges 20 percent of the entire purchase price of larger, more expensive pieces and a flat $75 fee for items that cost less than $375.


Some providers that specialize in assembly—opposed to handyman or "fix-it" services—offer workmanship guarantees. Assembly Worx and Morris Assembly Service guarantee the workmanship of their assembly projects for 90 days from the project completion date.

Cost-saving strategies

If the retailer from which you purchased your bed frame offers assembly for a fee, make sure that any quotes you get from independent assemblers are less that the retailer’s fee. Retailers like IKEA typically charge for assembly based on the total purchase price of your item(s).

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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.