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Chauffeurs drive people in style for weddings, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, kids parties, prom night, sporting events, concerts, business events and more. In general, chauffeur services are a two-in-one package with a car service. Customers can request a limousine, SUV limo, luxury sedan or classic car. Trips can be one-way, roundtrip or multistop for a special date or with dozens of friends. Several factors affect the cost of chauffeur services.

Type of vehicle

The luxury level and passenger capacity of the vehicle are the main determinants in the total cost of a chauffeur. The vehicle rental price includes the services of the driver. Typically, larger vehicles cost more than sedans, except for exotic and classic cars. Here are pricing examples from WSI Limousine in Mcdonough, Georgia:

  • Luxury sedan: $75 per hour, with a three-hour minimum ($225)

  • Stretch SUV: $90 per hour, with a three-hour minimum ($270)

  • 10-person limousine: $125, with a four-hour minimum ($500)

  • Limo bus: $150 per hour, with a four-hour minimum ($600)

  • 20-person limo: $200, with a six-hour minimum ($1,200)

  • Party bus: $250, with a six-hour minimum ($1,500)

Special events

Chauffeur service companies generally charge higher rates for high-draw events, such as prom or Super Bowl. The demand for drivers is greater, so higher rates help companies compete and also compensate drivers for working during special event days or holidays. Note that on these special days, chauffeur companies typically try to book services for the most amount of time with the highest rated car rather than book shorter service with a smaller car. Here’s how WSI Limousine charges for special event:

  • Tailgate package with SUV: $400

  • Prom package with luxury sedan: $400

  • Prom package with SUV: $550

  • Tailgate package with limo: $650

  • Prom package with 10-person limo: $850

  • Tailgate package with party bus: $1,000

  • Prom package with 20-person limo: $1,600

  • Prom package with 20-person party bus: $1,800

  • Prom package with 50-person party bus: $3,500


Chauffeurs and weddings are a match made in heaven. Car service companies typically offer wedding packages that include a set amount of time with the car and driver and provide drop off at the ceremony site, transportation to the reception, shuttling guests and party stops after the event. WSI Limousine charges the following for wedding chauffeur services:

  • SUV wedding package: $500

  • Limo wedding package: $750

  • Shuttle bus wedding package: $1,200

Time and day

Weekends and evenings have higher demand for chauffeur services than daytime or weekday evenings. Planning a daytime party or special night out on an off day is a great way to save.


Gratuity for the chauffeur adds to the overall cost of services. It’s standard to tip chauffeurs 20 percent for a job well done. Many companies encourage clients to tip the driver directly in cash if possible, but some companies include gratuity in the contract—be sure to ask.

Cleaning charge

If the company has to do major cleanup after a vehicle rental, the bill increases. Most chauffeur service companies have clauses that account for broken glass, torn upholstery, vomit and other party liabilities.

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