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How much does tax preparation cost?

Average cost in 20149: $180 See National


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The average cost for a tax preparer is $180. You are likely to spend between $115 and $280 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Tax preparation services are available for current or previous tax years. Tax prep can be done for individuals, couples filing jointly or for a business. People with children or dependents, renters, self-employed and contract workers, homeowners, stock owners, rental property owners, and those who paid out-of-pocket medical fees can all get assistance from professional tax preparation.

Set rates

Some tax preparation companies offer set rates based on which filing bracket the client falls into—meaning regardless of the specifics, each person in the same bracket pays the same fee. JRG Taxes offers the following four-tier flat rate pricing that includes joint tax returns, small businesses, rental properties and e-filing:

  • Taxpayers filing only a W2 tax form: $50

  • Taxpayers filing a W2 and a couple additional tax forms such 1099-INT and 1098-E: $150

  • Taxpayers with several tax forms and one or two additional considerations such as a rental property, investment transactions, K-1 income, 1099-MISC or a simple small business: $225

  • Taxpayers with multiple activities (rentals, K-1 income, small business, etc.), several stock transactions and more: $395

State tax

Tax professionals may charge an additional fee for filing a client’s state income tax; others may include the state income tax filing fee in their total quote. JRG Taxes charges an additional $50 fee per state filed for personal tax returns and $100 per state for business tax returns.

Variable rates

Some tax preparation firms offer a sliding scale based on which forms will be filed and the complexity of the tax work to be done. For example, Plano Tax Prep charges anywhere from $150 to $350 for personal tax returns, and JRG Taxes has a starting rate of $225 for basic business tax returns, which increases as the complexity of the job increases as well as for certain types of businesses.


Areas with a higher cost of living may result in a higher average rate for tax preparation work.

Rush services

Tax preparation companies may charge a premium for rush work requested under the tax deadline. Planning ahead is one way to reduce potential additional fees.

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Renee was great. My wife and I are new to Arizona and needed someone whom could handle filing in multiple states, with moving costs incurred, a home sale/purchase and multiple brokerage accounts. Cost was a little high, however, Renee did a great job and found more deductions and higher refund than I would have found on my own. My tax preparation was also a little more complex than anticipated. She is quick to respond and easy to communicate with. I will continue to use Renee going forward.

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