How much will your pet sitting cost?

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Pet Sitters on Thumbtack cost$20 - $30

Average fixed price

  • Lowest price:$10
  • Most common low price:$20
  • Most common high price:$30
  • Highest price:$80
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How much are dog sitters?

Dog sitting prices range from $20 to $30. Several factors affect the cost of dog-sitting services, including the length of the visit and the number of dogs. The cost of a 30-minute visit is $25, while overnight visits cost $75 and up.

Dog sitting is sometimes offered as an ongoing service to ensure that dogs get frequent exercise and care while owners are busy. Dog sitters can make multiple visits to the home each day, or they can stay overnight with the dog at a client’s home. 

Keep reading to find out how dog sitters near you set their rates.

What's in this cost guide?

Length of visit

Dog-sitting visits typically last between 15 minutes and 60 minutes, with the cost increasing as the length of each visit increases.

Executive Pet Service in Cleveland, Ohio, offers the following tiered pricing, which includes water, feeding, medication administration, playtime, walks and cuddling as desired:

  • 10-minute express (best for quick feeding and potty breaks): $12.50
  • 20- to 30-minute visit: $18
  • 30- to 45-minute visit: $25
  • 45- to 60-minute visit: $32

Overnight dog sitting rates

Pet sitters can also stay overnight in a client’s home. Having the pet sitter stay overnight increases the cost for services because the client is paying for the sitter’s exclusive time. Overnight visits include all the basic care and exercise that dog-sitting visits include.

Here are a few examples of overnight dog sitting prices:

  • Superstar Pet Sitting & Dog Walking: $75 for up to 15 hours
  • Executive Pet Service: $85 for up to nine hours

Length of sitting

Average cost

30 minutes $25
60 minutes $32
Overnight $75-$85
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Additional dogs

Costs increase if there is more than one dog at the home. For example, Superstar Pet Sitting and Dog Walking charges $3 per additional dog for an overnight stay.


If a dog sitter has to travel beyond his or her typical service region, the cost for services may increase.

For example, Aunt Darlene’s Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services in Old Bridge, New Jersey, has a base fee of $20 for a 30-minute visit, but that price may rise based on the pet owner’s location.

Holiday pricing example

Dog sitting-services on holidays may cost more. Aunt Darlene’s Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services charges an extra $10 for pet-related services on major holidays.

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How to choose a dog sitter

Follow this quick guide to ensure you hire an affordable and reputable dog sitter for your pet:

1. Ask about their experience and services. But don't just ask if they have experience caring for your specific dog's breed. For example, you can ask if the dog sitter is familiar with working with dogs who are easily excited or anxious, or puppies with health conditions. 

Also, make sure the dog sitter can perform the tasks you need them to perform, which might include: 

  • Walking the dog
  • Giving the dog a bath
  • Feeding the dog
  • Playing or cuddling with the dog
  • Giving the dog any necessary medication

2. Read their customer reviews. You can learn a lot about a dog sitter's communication skills, professionalism, pricing and services by reading their online reviews. Find out if previous clients have been happy with their services before you hire anyone.

3. Have a consultation. Take advantage of any free in-home consultations before committing to a dog sitter. You, your dog and your prospective dog sitter will get a chance to meet one another and determine if it’s the right personality fit for your furry friend.

4. Ask about their communication style. If you'll be away from your dog for a long time, you might want to receive updates about how they're doing in your absence. Ask potential dog sitters if they'd be willing to send you photos and/or videos of your dog while you're away.

5. Request price estimates. Getting quotes from several dog sitters will help ensure you're paying a fair price in your neighborhood.

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