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How much do dog training lessons cost?

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The average cost for a dog trainer is $160. You are likely to spend between $60 and $405 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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Group dog training classes are available for any age dog and any number of dogs. Group training can be targeted to specific breeds, ages or behaviors that pet owners want to focus on. Trainers typically price group lessons on a per-person basis, although prices may vary if an individual enrolls more than one dog. Several factors affect the cost of group dog training classes.

One-time classes

One-time classes cost less overall than taking a series of classes, although single-class prices are often higher than an equivalent class in a series bought at reduced package pricing. One-time classes tend to cover broad topics to introduce dog owners to new concepts and provide basic skills.

Length of class

In general, the longer a group dog training session, the higher the cost for each participant. Higher rates for longer classes pay for the trainer’s time. Roman’s Holistic Dog Training in Phoenix, Arizona, has the following rates:

  • Educating Kids About Dog Ownership: $15 per person for a one-hour class

    • Includes how to approach a dog, meeting a new dog safely, when not to approach a dog, and how to teach a dog fun and easy tricks
  • What You Need to Know about Adopting a Rescue Dog: $20 per person for a two-hour class

    • Includes preparing and dog-proofing the home for a new dog, items pet owners will need, how to introduce the dog into the home, what to expect during the first month, basic troubleshooting and reading a dog’s body language

Class packages

Advanced skills and training typically require an ongoing series of classes. Purchasing a package of group lessons is less expensive—and more effective for reaching goals—than taking one-off classes irregulary. Packages range in price, depending on the number of weeks in the course, the length of each class and other factors such as the complexity of the subject matter. Roman’s Holistic Dog Training offers the following tiered package pricing:

  • All-breed puppy course, ages 3 months to 7 months: $120 per person

    • Six-week course

    • Each class lasts two hours

    • Topics include house training, socialization, obedience, leash training, holistic nutrition, preventative behavior modification, bite control and reading body language for signs of stress
  • Working breed puppy class, ages 3 months to 7 months: $160 per person

    • Eight-week course

    • Each class lasts one hour

    • Topics include creating a job description, house training, socialization, obedience, leash training, holistic nutrition, bite control, preventative behavior modification and owner responsibility
  • Bully breed puppy class, ages 3 months to 7 months: $160 per person

    • Eight-week course

    • Each class lasts one hour

    • Specialized class for breeds such as mastiffs, pit bulls and cane corsos

    • Topics include house training, socialization, obedience, leash training, holistic nutrition, creating a job description, bite control, preventative behavior modification, owner responsibility, and special considerations for licensing and restrictions.

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