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Dog walking professionals can walk dogs for a one-time occasion or up to multiple times per day on a regular basis. Clients may have one or more dogs of any age from little puppies to senior dogs. Dogs can be any size as well—some dog walkers specialize in walking large or aggressive dog breeds. Dog walks can be just 15 minutes or last over 60 minutes, depending on the agreement between the walker and the client. Some dog owners request that their dog be walked alone or with a pack. Pro dog walkers often can provide additional services such as administering medication, giving baths, feeding and grooming. Several factors affect the cost of dog walking services.

Length of walk

Dog walkers offer a range of options, from 15-minute potty breaks to long walks of 120 minutes or more. The longer the dog walk, the higher the price. Here are some examples of tiered pricing:

Annie’s Walk & Talk in Seattle, Washington:

  • 30-minute neighborhood walk: $23

  • 60-minute neighborhood walk: $28

A Paw Above in Hollywood, Florida:

  • 15-minute walk: $15

  • 30-minute walk: $20

  • 35-minute walk: $35

Paw Prince Pet Care in Mohegan Lake, New York:

  • 30-minute walk: $20

Number of dogs

The number of dogs in need of walking affects the overall cost for services. Most dog walkers charge more with each dog but not double. For example, Annie’s Walk & Talk charges $28 for a 30-minute walk of two dogs, compared with $23 for one dog, and $33 for a 60-minute walk of two dogs, compared with $28 for one dog. A Paw Above charges $5 for each additional dog per walk.


Some dog walkers offer discounts to repeat customers as a way to reward loyalty and encourage repeat business. Dog owners benefit from a lower cost per walk with a package rather than purchasing walks individually.


When dog walkers have to travel long distances, they may charge more to help cover time and travel expenses. In addition, if a dog owner asks the dog walker to travel to parks or other outdoor recreation areas, the walker may charge additional fees.


Many dog walkers offer additional services such as feeding, giving medication or grooming. The more services provided per visit, the higher the overall cost. Here are some examples:

  • Annie’s Walk & Talk, medication administration: $20

  • Paw Prince Pet Care, clean up and remove pet waste from the back yard: $15 if dog walker is already on-site and $20 if a separate trip is required


Pros need time off, too, so requesting services on a major holiday could result in additional fees for their services. For example A Paw Above charges a $10 additional fee for working on holidays.

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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.