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Health and wellness coaches work with people who want to lose weight, get or stay physically fit, improve their emotional well-being, reduce stress, and manage health conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol by making positive, lasting changes in their diet and lifestyle. These professionals work one on one with clients to create tailored plans to help them set and meet goals. Most offer ongoing coaching and support to keep clients on track. The cost for a health and wellness coach depends on the extent of the client’s personal goals as well as the coach’s background and approach. The national average cost is $30–$130 per hour, and many coaches offer monthly plans for three to six months of coaching and consultation. Most will work with clients to fit their budget and goals.

Initial, one-time consultation

Most health and wellness goals require sustained effort, so it may be difficult to achieve results after meeting just once with a health coach. Many coaches offer a free initial consultation so clients can meet them, learn about their approach, discuss goals and generally get a feel for whether the fit is good.

Monthly packages

After a free initial consultation, Liz Traines Health Coaching, Hall Health, Marisol Bellaro Health Coaching and Prairie Health Companion all offer clients monthly packages. In general, three-month programs have higher monthly rates than six-month programs. Monthly packages include regular check-in meetings with the coach (in person or via video call). The average package price for three months is $125–$275 per month and $100–$225 per month for six months.

Prairie Health Companion owner Mary Battista charges a flat fee of $1,350 for her six-month program.

Hourly private coaching

Some coaches offer personal training as well as health coaching on an hourly basis. Battista of Prairie Health Companion charge $95 an hour for health coaching and $85 an hour for personal training. Jenny Berk of Jenny Eden Coaching’s standard hourly rate is $115, but she offers a sliding scale based on a client's financial situation.

Experience and background

Health coaches’ training background affects their rates. Personal trainers who provide custom exercise or training regimens, for example, often charge less than health coaches who generally also design a plan that includes nutrition and diet recommendations such as which foods to eat, which foods to avoid, along with recipes and instruction on how to prepare healthier meals.

Many health and wellness coaches have received specific training and certification from organizations such as the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. Others may be certified as dieticians or athletic trainers. Berk of Jenny Eden Coaching focuses on the psychology of eating and helps clients lose weight and improve their health by changing their relationship with food. Battista of Prairie Health Companion offers health coaching and personal training services, and she also teaches private cooking classes for $60–$65 per hour for two-hour classes. The Diet Doc Cincinnati East owner Sarah Williams is a certified athletic trainer and fitness nutrition specialist and offers 50-day ($249), 150-day ($399) and 1-year ($699) weight loss programs as well as private nutritional consulting, which she packages in programs of varying lengths:

  • Seven weeks: $499

  • 14 weeks: $799

  • Six months: $999

  • One year: $1,499

Cost-saving strategies

Look for package deals because they typically offer a discount on a coach’s hourly rate. Many coaches also offer discounts for prepayment.

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