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You’re ready to move, but you’re not going anywhere without your hot tub. Professional hot tub movers have the proper equipment, trucks, people power and experience to safely move your hot tub from one location to the next, or transport a newly purchased hot tub to your home or commercial property from the dealer. Whether you’re moving the hot tub from one part of the house or yard to another, or driving it across town, professional movers will save your back from aching and your hot tub from being damaged by improper handling.

From small two-seaters to party-size spas that fit 10 people and more, no job is too big or small — pro movers can even handle hauling your hot tub up stairs if required. Movers can dispose of non-operational hot tubs, saving you the hassle of removal and dumping. Other services include leveling and balancing the hot tub in position and choosing the right placement. If you’re ready to move your hot tub or spa, here are the cost factors to consider.

On-property flat moves

Many hot tub owners want to relocate their spa within their property to accommodate new landscaping, a home remodel, a patio addition or other updates. Moving the hot tub from one flat location to another will cost less than moving it up stairs or up onto other elevated locations such as a deck. It usually takes fewer people and less equipment to move the hot tub on a flat surface. Here is one example of flat surface moving:

  • On-property, flat surface moving: $185 from Steve Rider of Hot Tub Rehab in Austin, Texas.

    • Job can typically be completed in under an hour.

On-property elevated moves

Moving a hot tub up a set of stairs or onto any type of elevated surface can increase your cost. Lifting the tub to a raised platform or up stairs requires more effort, more equipment and typically more people on the part of the moving company. Rider with Hot Tub Rehab says that for moves that involve stairs, his company uses a ramp and an additional employee to ensure the safety of the workers and the client’s hot tub. Here is one example of how stairs impact cost:

  • Additional fee for stairs when moving : $100 from Hot Tub Rehab.

    • An on-property move would cost $285 when the $100 fee for stairs is added to the $185 flat-surface moving fee from Rider of Hot Tub Rehab in Austin, Texas.

    • Moves involving stairs may take about 1.5 hours.

New location hot tub moves

Moving a hot tub from the spa dealer to your home or from one location to another will cost more than moving the hot tub within your current property. The higher fee will account for the added time, transportation costs and labor associated with the move. Some companies may have set fees for transporting hot tubs, while other companies may charge based on mileage, hot tub size or other variables. Here is one example of a set fee:

  • Cross-town move: $350 from Hot Tub Rehab.
  • Hot Tub Rehab uses the Spa Dolly, a specialized trailer built just for moving hot tubs. It attaches to the back of their truck and safely centers the hot tub on its balance point during the move.
    • The $350 moving cost for Hot Tub Rehab includes disconnecting the electrical wiring at the original location and reconnecting it in the new location. Standard spa wiring must be prepared and ready for an installation in the new location.
    • Any additional wiring work, such as installing a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), will incur an additional hourly fee.
    • Hourly rate: $85 from Hot Tub Rehab.
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