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How much do hurricane shutters cost?

Hurricane shutters cost around $14-$34 per square foot to install. Several factors will impact how much you pay. The most obvious factor is the type of shutter you choose for your window protection. From storm panels to accordion shutters, your costs will vary. 

Hurricane shutters cost:

Hurricane shutter type

Cost per square foot









Storm panels


Source: Craftsman National Construction Estimator. Prices include labor and materials.

In this cost guide, we'll break down the different hurricane shutters types and their price tags.

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What are hurricane shutters?

Hurricane shutters (or storm shutters) are designed to protect your home from high winds and impact during a tropical storm. These types of shutters can prevent flying objects or debris from breaking through your glass windows and causing further damage to your home.

If you live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, consider installing shutters or some sort of protection on your windows. You should also check the building codes and requirements in your city or state. For example, residents in Florida’s Miami-Dade county are advised to install “county-approved” storm shutters on their windows and doors. Residents can also board up their windows with 5/8-inch plywood.

Pro tip: Consider installing windows with impact-resistant glass for additional protection. Read our guide about protecting your home from a hurricane for more tips.

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Hurricane shutter prices by type

Here’s a look at several types of hurricane shutters and their price tags.

Accordion shutters cost

Hiring a professional to install accordion hurricane shutters may cost around $27-$34 per square foot. These types of shutters are often made out of metal or reinforced vinyl panels. They usually rest along the side panel of the window. And during a storm, they can be unfurled like an accordion. Accordion shutters are often recommended for sliding doors too. 

Bahama hurricane shutters price

Bahama hurricane shutter prices can range from $21-$27 per square foot. Typically made out of aluminum, Bahama-style hurricane shutters can also be made out of wood. These shutters are known for their ability to be propped open and provide shade to homes throughout the year.

Colonial hurricane shutters cost

Colonial-style hurricane shutters cost $14-$16 per square foot. Perhaps the most aesthetically appealing among all of the different types of hurricane shutters, colonial shutters offer a more design-oriented approach to storm protection during and after hurricane season. 

These shutters are usually made out of wood or metal. Colonial shutters are known to take a little longer to install, but they are meant to stay up throughout the year.

Roll-down hurricane shutters price

Roll-down hurricane shutters cost $30-$34 per square foot. These shutters are made out of polycarbonate (an extremely strong form of plastic) or corrugated metal, and they do just what their name implies: they roll down. There are manual or mechanical options for roll-down shutters, meaning that they can either be operated by using a crank or with the press of a button.

Storm panels cost

Storm panels cost about $15-$16 per square foot and are considered to be one of the most cost-effective options for window protection during hurricane season. These panels are often made out of aluminum or steel, and they attach to the wall surrounding the window.

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Hurricane shutter cost factors

You need to consider several factors when estimating the cost of hurricane shutters. For example:

  • Total square footage. An installation professional may set their prices based on the total square footage of windows and material needed.
  • Number of windows. The more windows that need hurricane shutters, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Style or type. Different styles of hurricane shutters are priced by their durability, ease of installation, design and other factors.
  • Labor cost. When estimating the cost to install your shutters, companies and contractors will need to consider the cost of labor. Like with any home project, the more labor-intensive it is, the more you pay.
  • Material cost. You can usually choose from options like metal, polycarbonate, aluminum, steel, fiberglass or wood. But you also need to keep in mind the cost of an enclosure box, hand crank, guide rails and other items (depending on the type of shutter you choose).
  • Shutter brand. Different brands and retailers have different pricing and discounts for their hurricane shutters. Shop around at several in-person and online retailers before you make a decision.
  • Standard vs. custom window sizes. If your home requires custom shutter sizes, this can increase the overall cost.

Impact windows vs. hurricane shutters

Hurricane shutters protect the windows already in place. Meanwhile, impact windows are specially constructed with heavy-duty frames and laminate glass.

While impact windows may require more intensive installation services, they do protect against more than just hurricanes and structural damage. For example, they can block UV rays, lower your energy costs, provide additional security and reduce ambient noise.

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When to put up hurricane shutters

The Atlantic hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30. If you live in this region, aim to install your hurricane shutters before then. 

According to the NOAA, the best time to have storm shutters installed is when your home is being built. But if you have a home without storm shutters, have them installed as soon as possible.

Where to buy hurricane shutters

You can easily find hurricane shutters online and at brick-and-mortar stores. Some companies specialize in hurricane shutters, but home improvement stores also sell various types of door and window protection. 

If you want an expert to install your shutters, ask them if they also sell the materials you’ll need or if they have recommendations for where to buy them in your area.

How to save money

You can cut costs in a few ways when buying and installing hurricane shutters. For example, you can skip buying hurricane shutters and just use the plywood method. It’s an inexpensive yet effective method for protecting your windows during a hurricane. All you have to do is board up your windows with ⅝-inch plywood. 

But remember: permanent hurricane shutters are considered the best form of window protection. So if you want the most protection possible, don’t settle for the plywood method — opt for shutters and panels. Out of all of the different types of hurricane shutters, storm panels are the most cost-effective solution. 

Lastly, you can also ask about discounts or deals when shopping around for the perfect shutters at different retailers. If you're hiring a pro to install your shutters, ask if they offer any deals or discounts.

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Installing hurricane shutters is a great idea if you live in a region that gets hit by heavy storms and hurricanes. Hurricane shutters can help you save money in the long run by preventing shattered windows, or worse, structural damage. Ultimately, these shutters can give you more peace of mind during hurricane season.

Speak to a local pro today about adding hurricane shutters to your home. A pro can also recommend shutters if you’re stuck on which one to choose.

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