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How much does IKEA furniture assembly cost?

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The average cost for an IKEA furniture assembler is $95. You are likely to spend between $55 and $170 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Ikea offers a cost-effective way to furnish a home or office, but nearly all of it must be assembled by the buyer. For some people, that task can be difficult. Fortunately, professionals are there to help. The cost for their services depends on the value and size of the furniture as well as the complexity of assembly, the time required and other factors.


Some assemblers, such as Jerome Burke of Flushing, New York, charge according to how long they think it will take to assemble the furniture.

Value of the furniture

Some assemblers charge based on the price you paid for the furniture. For example, Already Assembled of Perry Hall, Maryland, charges 20 percent of the entire purchase price; anything under $375 is a flat $75.

Complexity and size

Some contractors assess the furniture to be assembled and offer a flat rate. For example, Mike’s Furniture Assembly in Saint Albans, New York, charges flat rates starting at $5 to over $125 per piece, depending on Mike’s view of the size and difficulty to assemble the furniture. Assessments can be subjective, however. For example, KGN Enterprises of Danbury, Connecticut, offers an estimate over the phone based on information provided by the customer. Once on-site, the assembler may adjust the final price up or down if the job is more or less complicated.

Minimum charge

No matter how small or inexpensive the piece, you might have to pay a minimum for services. For example, Handy G Flat Package Furniture Assembler of Hillside, New Jersey, charges a $60 minimum for furniture assembly.

Travel Fees

Some furniture assemblers charge a travel fee to come to your location. For example, Handy G Flat Package Furniture Assembler sometimes charges a flat $15 to cover travel expenses, and Already Assembled charges based on mileage.

Cash or credit

Some furniture assemblers charge a little extra for credit card payments to cover their expense of processing the transaction. Absolute Furniture Installations of Duluth, Georgia, charges a 3 percent fee for using a credit card.

Additional services

Some assemblers do more than just assemble the furniture. For an additional fee, Morris Assembly Service of Dearborn, Michigan, can attach furniture, such as book shelves, to walls and drill holes for wires around entertainment centers or desks.

Cost-saving strategies

Request several quotes after reading reviews, and ask for multiple-item discounts. Bob the Builder of Cumming, Georgia, will reduce the overall cost of assembling multiple items if the assembler can take care of them all in one trip.

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