How much will your phone or tablet repair cost?

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Phone or Tablet Technicians on Thumbtack cost$80 - $100

Average fixed price

  • Lowest price:$50
  • Most common low price:$80
  • Most common high price:$100
  • Highest price:$150
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How much does an iPad screen repair cost?

Although an iPad can still function with a cracked screen, it’s not much fun—or entirely safe—to use. Whether it’s been dropped and has just a small crack or is covered in a spiderweb of glass shards, replacing an iPad screen is a worthwhile investment. The main cost factors for screen repair are the size and model of the device and whether both layers of the screen—the glass (called the digitizer in some models) and the LCD layer—are broken. The larger the model, like the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the more expensive it is to repair.

Apple versus third-party repair vendors

Apple charges set fees for replacing a broken iPad screen, which range from $199-$200 for for iPad Minis to $379-$599 for iPad Pros. Third-party vendors, such as Mac Learn in Atlanta, Georgia, Stay Mobile in Columbia, South Carolina, or Mobile Phone Mechanix in Winston Salem, North Carolina, may charge less and often have a faster turnaround time.

iPad screen repair fees

The cost of the screen repair or replacement depends on the model. Wires Computing in Burlington, Vermont, can repair both a cracked glass screen and a cracked LCD. They charge:

  • iPad 2: $110 for cracked glass and $120 for a cracked LCD

  • iPad 3 or 4: $110 for a cracked digitizer

  • iPad Air 1: $120 for a cracked digitizer

  • iPad Mini 1 or 2: $110 for a cracked digitizer and $125 for a cracked LCD

  • iPad Mini 3: $130 for a cracked digitizer and $145 for a cracked LCD

  • iPad Mini 4: $190 for a cracked digitizer/LCD assembly

  • iPad Air 2: $219 for a cracked LCD

  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch: $279 for a cracked digitizer/LCD assembly

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch: $399 for a cracked digitizer/LCD assembly

In contrast, Break & Fix in Sun City, Arizona, offers similar repair services at a different price schedule for screen replacements:

  • iPad 2: $100

  • iPad 3 or 4: $115

  • iPad Air 1: $130

  • iPad Mini 1 or 2: $115

  • iPad Mini 3: $145

  • iPad Mini 4: $219

  • iPad Air 2: $265

  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch: $290

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch: $445

How do we know these prices?

Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, conduct our own research and then we share those prices with you. The prices reflected in the article above are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time. Contact a professional near you to receive a personalized cost estimate for your project.


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