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A DJ typically provides a mobile sound system and plays music as entertainment during an event, such as a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, school dance, graduation party, family reunion, class reunion, anniversary party, engagement party, reception, or any other type of party where tunes are needed. Clients often request musical themes. Common theme requests include pop/rock, hip-hop/rap, country, Top 40, Latin, electronic dance music, oldies, Indian/Bollywood and more. A variety of factors affect the total cost of DJ services.

Wedding DJ

DJ services typically cost more for a wedding than for a regular party or event. Henry Richard of A Touch of Class DJ Service explains that weddings are more work, averaging 15–20 hours of DJ effort, including pre-wedding consultations, working with the timeline and creation of specialized playlists.

DJ equipment

High-tech sound systems can affect the cost of DJ services because more expensive equipment requires a larger investment on the part of the DJ.

Special requests

Requests for obscure music can increase costs—especially if it’s something the DJ does not already own, requiring him or her to download the music or find it elsewhere.


The total cost of DJ services may increase if the DJ is asked to MC the event as well as provide music. Acting as the MC can include announcing activities, being responsible for keeping the event on schedule and more. Some DJs automatically include MC services in the cost of their package, so be sure to ask if this is the case.

Length of event

The number of hours a DJ plays music will affect the cost of services. Many DJs offer packages that include a set number of hours, with flexible pricing to accommodate additional hours.

Size of event

Large weddings and parties can increase the DJ bill if additional speakers, microphones or upgraded sound equipment is required to properly serve the crowd.

Number of DJs

For longer events, more than one DJ may be needed to keep the music going and guests engaged. More people on the job will likely increase the cost of services.

DJ reputation

A well-known or highly sought after DJ will often cost more than a DJ who is just starting out or who is not as well-known.

Additional services

DJ companies offer a range of add-ons, including all types of lighting, temporary dance floors, smoke machines, bubble machines, staging, microphones and more. All of these services, of course, add to the overall cost.


Travel to and from the event site can result in travel fees, increasing the total cost of services.

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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.