How much does a locksmith cost?

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The average cost for a locksmith is $65. You are likely to spend between $40 and $110 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated April 1st, 2017

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Locksmiths install or replace current lock systems, re-key locks for new locks, repair broken locks, help when someone is locked out, copy keys and more. Professionals can tackle deadbolts, doorknobs, mailboxes, office furniture (such as filing cabinets), electronic combination pads, keyless remotes and more. The lock may be in a car, home, business or commercial space, and most locksmiths are available for after-hours emergencies.

Minimum service fee

By necessity, most locksmithing is done on location—either at the client’s home, business or car. The cost of specific locksmith services varies, depending on the task at hand, but professionals often have a minimum service fee to cover their time, labor, transportation expenses and associated overhead costs, even if the job itself is a $15 task. For example, Lock-It-Down Locksmith in Carrollton, Texas, charges a $75 minimum for all standard residential service calls and $85 for commercial calls.

Travel fee

In addition to standard service fees, locksmiths may charge an extra travel fee if the job is outside their designated service area. The travel fee covers additional time spent in traffic (which could have been spent working on other jobs) and the cost of gas and other expenses to arrive at the destination. Lock-It-Down Locksmith charges $10 extra for service calls beyond their standard service area.

Re-keying locks

Many professional locksmiths can re-key locks, which involves removing and replacing existing springs and pins so that old keys no longer work and new keys will. Many people change their locks after buying a new home, if they lose all the keys to a lock or if they are concerned that unauthorized copies of their keys exist. Many customers opt to re-key because it can be more affordable than replacing an entire lock. Lock-It-Down Locksmith charges $18 per keyhole to re-key most locks and $25 when there are extenuating or rare circumstances that require more work.


Lockouts are one of the most common reasons that people call locksmiths. They’ve locked their keys in the car, lost their house keys or misplaced the office keys. Many locksmiths have set prices for various types of lockouts as long as there aren’t extraordinary circumstances. Here’s how Lock-It-Down Locksmith charges for lockouts:

  • Most vehicle lockouts: $65

  • Residential lockout, plus tax: $75

  • Commerical lockout, plus tax: $85

Lock installation

Lock installation costs vary based on whether the locksmith provides the lock, what is required for installation, how many components are involved and the amount of time it takes to install. Locks include deadbolt, simple doorknob locks, electronic keypads, high-security locksets and more.

After hours

Some locksmiths charge an additional fee for late night, weekend or holiday calls to cover the added effort of working in the middle of the night or on a family day.

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Recent reviews

Element Locksmith, LLC

The technician came on time but without all the necessary tools. I have a door with metal exterior. He needed to increase the size of the hole on the door to fit the new lock. However, some of his tools were inadequate and broke during the process. Also the drilling machine was out of battery power, so that needed to be charged once he got here. All this resulted in a longer work time. Not having proper clamp to put on the door hole caused some minor paint damage around the lock on the door during the drilling. So, I will need to do some touch paint later on. When I was quoted the price to enlarge the lock hole I was not told that the price increase if there is a metal exterior. So, the cost went up by $37. I should have been given a heads up on the details of the potential additional cost when I was quoted the job price on the phone. The technician was well mannered and courteous. He cleaned up the floor of all debris after the job.

Keyworks Locksmith

Professional, knowledgeable...... Good value.....smaller team I guess means lower overhead, which meant same service for a lot less. I had a residential job to rekey, but my understanding they do a lot of commercial and automobile lock services as well. Family business.

Rekey Xpress Locksmith

Excellent job. Arrive on time, no hidden costs, efficient handling.