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How much does marriage counseling cost?

Average cost in 20149: $80 /hr See National


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The average cost for a counselor is $80/hr. You are likely to spend between $55 and $120 per hour. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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Marriage counseling can be sought by both people in a relationship or by just one. Marriage counseling is provided by a range of professionals, many of whom are licensed marriage and family therapists. Common goals of people who seek marriage counseling include conflict resolution, better communication, family planning, rebuilding trust, and increased intimacy and passion. A handful of factors affect the cost of marriage counseling.

Individual versus couple

The price per session for individuals seeking marriage counseling is generally less than for couples who have marriage counseling sessions together. Here are pricing examples from two marriage counselors based in New York City:

  • Joan Warren, LMFT

    • Individual session: $125 for 50 minutes

    • Couple’s session: $150 for 60 minutes
  • Anna Fekete

    • Individual session: $180 for 50 minutes

    • Couple’s session: $240 for 60 minutes

Training and reputation

The educational background and degrees, type of experience, and the number of years in the field of the marriage counselor all play a role in determining cost. The counselor’s reputation may also affect the overall cost if demand is particularly high for someone’s services.

Sliding scale

Many marriage counselors offer standard set rates as well as sliding scale rates. Sliding scale rates are generally offered to clients based on financial need.


Many marriage counselors offer reduced rates per session when a couple or client buys a bundle of sessions prior to the initial session. The higher number of sessions purchased, the greater the discount per session. When purchasing a bundle of sessions, be sure to ask whether there is an expiration date for the package purchased. Anna Fekete, for example, offers the following packages:

  • Four individual sessions at 50 minutes each: $680 (= $10 discount per session)

  • Eight individual sessions at 50 minutes each: $1,280 (= $20 discount per session)

  • Four couple’s sessions at 60 minutes each: $900 (= $15 discount per session)

  • Eight couple’s sessions at 60 minutes each: $1,680 (= $30 discount per session)

Remote sessions

Skype or phone sessions typically do not lower the per session rate because these sessions involve the same amount of the counselor’s time. If sessions are held at a client’s location, travel fees will most likely apply to account for travel time, mileage and other transportation costs.


Not all marriage counselors accept insurance, although many who do not will still provide paperwork if the insurance carrier accepts out-of-network providers and the client wants to apply for reimbursement.

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Recent reviews

Cat Russell, MS, LPC

Hello, My wife and I have been seeking counsel from Cat for over a month once a week now. I'm very happy with the progress so far. She is helping us get to the root of the problem. We both had very volatile rearing and had brought a mess of baggage to the marriage. Cat is helping us realize we have been living life from the way we were trained from our youth. I didn't realize I had so much pain wrapped up hidden deep down inside waiting to lash out. Thank you Cat, I look forward to our future sessions. So far it's been working and is worth far more than what she charges per session.

GreyHawk Ministries

My husband and I received marriage counseling from Rev. Mills. As a marriage counselor, his fees were very low and affordable for anyone who truly can't afford the astronomical prices of counseling. He was a great listener, didn't take sides, and help us to see why our communication with one another didn't work. Rev. Mills gave us homework to do after each session and shared with us valuable insights on marriage, family, and what we needed to do if we wanted to truly save our marriage. We would recommend him to anyone who needs counseling. Thank you, Rev. Mills for your work with us and saving us from the path of divorce. Shana

University of Miami Marriage Coach

Matthew is highly recommended. He listens to the key points in your relationship problems and points them out. He is not a shrink trying to revisit your past taking your money session after session. Matthew has you attend 3 easy sessions and you get the results he guarantees. He saved our relationship of 11 years and we went ahead and got married after his second session. We received the confidence we lacked and the knowledge to carry our relationship. He gets to the root of your problem and gives you great advice. He never tells you what to do, he lets you both figure it out as you go. As he says "you as a couple caused the problem, you as a couple have to correct it". Matthew is funny and intellectual. the session is never boring, and I actually looked forward to the session.He made us both feel very comfortable as we spoke. Matt's very flexible with scheduling the appointments and fully dedicates his time to you both. The cost is well worth the money with satisfaction guaranteed. Matt, there are no words to express what you have done for me and Joanne. You have made us fall in love again and showed us how to communicate along with maintaining the fire lit in our hearts. I cant thank you enough. Folks, if you are considering his help, please do! Matt, don't change a thing, continue your dedication to helping others. AAA+++