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How much does masonry repair cost?

Average cost in 20149: $485 See National


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The average cost for a mason is $485. You are likely to spend between $195 and $1,190 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Masonry repair can include brick, stone, tile and concrete work. Repair and maintenance is most often needed for fireplaces, chimneys, patios, porches, sidewalks or walkways, housing foundations, indoor floors, walls, stairs, and outdoor landscaping. Professionals can address anything from a minor repair or cosmetic issue to major structural work or a complete rebuild. Common concerns include cracks on brick or stone, cracks in mortar, water leaks, structures that lean and cracked foundations. Several factors affect the cost of masonry repair.


Masonry is a skilled trade, and masons or companies with years of experience and training typically charge higher rates than those just starting out or with less experience.

Type of stone

The type of stone used in masonry work directly affects the cost of services. Some masons include the cost of the stone in the price per square foot for services. The more costly the stone, the higher the cost per square foot. Here’s how New England Masonry & General Contracting in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, breaks down costs for different types of stone:

  • Standard flat round stone: $20–$30 per square foot, including materials and labor

  • Pennsylvania flat stone: $40–$50 per square foot, including materials and labor (requires hand chipping of stone)

  • Prefabricated stone: $60–$80 per square foot, including materials, and labor

The total cost includes the mason’s time and expense of purchasing and transporting the stone. Clients can potentially save by purchasing the stone themselves, but the farther the job site is from the distributor, the higher the delivery fees will be. According to New England Masonry & General Contracting, local delivery costs can be $100–$150 when a client buys the stone independently.

Type of brick

Brick also has an affect on the cost for services. The more costly the brick, the higher the cost per square foot. Here’s what New England Masonry & General Contracting charges:

  • More affordable brick: $20–$30 per square foot, including labor

  • Average brick: $70–$80 per square foot, including labor

  • Brick projects requiring scaffolding (the brick must be lifted in the air) or projects with difficult access: $100+ per square foot with labor

Type of repair

Costs vary for different repair projects, depending on the amount of damage and what is required to fix it. Typically, preventative maintenance and routine repairs prevent larger structural problems, so save customers money in the long run. Examples of various projects and their costs:

  • New England Masonry & General Contracting:

    • Patching, sealing and waterproofing stone to protect it from fissures and cracking after thermal expansion (freezing and thawing of water in cracks): $200–$300

      • This pricing might cover a half day of work on a three- to five-stair stone staircase.
    • Chimney repairs: $300 - $1,000

      • Pricing varies greatly depending on chimney height, location and whether there’s a chimney crown, etc.
    • Tear out and rebuild a structure, such as a stone staircase, when it has not received regular maintenance or repairs: $4,000–5,000
  • Courtney Masonry & Concrete in Lancaster, South Carolina

    • Brick-in a door space on a church (making it appear as though there never was a door there): $892.

      • This price includes bricks and materials, 12 hours of labor and sourcing materials (such as special mortar to match the existing on the building).
    • Repair of 30-foot slate sidewalk: $1,500

      • This price includes removing loose slates, grinding out damaged mortar, relaying mortar and stone, regrouting, 32 hours of labor and all materials.

Minimum service fee

Some masonry repair services charge a minimum fee, depending the location of the project and the mason’s availability. Minimum fees help cover account for travel time, the cost of transportation and materials. For example, Courtney Masonry & Concrete charges a $300 minimum service fee, which includes up to 4 hours of masonry work.

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