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Mold inspection and mold removal services are available for homes, multiunit buildings, commercial spaces and offices. Mold inspection and mold removal are frequently requested in tandem, although they are two separate services. Clients often request inspections and testing for mold, mold removal, fabric restoration after mold damage and other related tasks. Sometimes mold has no affect on a property’s inhabitants. Sometimes there is visible mold or just the odor of mold, and sometimes inhabitants report a persistent cough or sore throat. Mold is commonly found in bathrooms, basements, air ducts and vents, attics, and other locations. Several factors affect the cost of mold inspection and removal.


Costs for mold testing can vary based on the type of testing done. Prices can also vary, depending on how large a home is, how many surface areas need to be tested and how extensive the mold infestation is. Rite Way in Zionsville, Indiana, charges the following ranges for the two most common types of mold testing:

  • Swab testing: $200–$300

    • A professional collects a surface swab from a potentially infested area for testing in a lab. Some professionals have concerns about this being the sole test done because it only gathers a small amount of data from a certain area of the house. That’s why it’s frequently done in conjunction with air cell testing.
  • Air cell testing: $250–$350

    • A professional collects an air sample in the home to measure the amount of mold spores in the air. This test is frequently done in conjunction with swab testing to ensure more complete data. Costs are higher for this test because the equipment required of the contractor is more expensive.
  • Both tests: $400–$600

Location of mold

For mold remediation (treatment and removal), the location in the home affects how much the service will cost. Treating mold in an easily accessible area, such as a basement wall, requires less labor and time than accessing mold in the HVAC duct system inside a home’s walls—which could require demolition, electrical precautions and more.

Square footage

The larger the area of a home that is affected by mold, the higher the cost will be to treat it. Prices vary widely depending on the accessibility of an area, the level of the mold infestation and what is required for treatment. In the examples from Rite Way below, both homes had the same approximate size floor plan but varied in the square footage of mold to be treated. The higher price had more area to be treated in a more difficult place to access. Both prices included testing:

  • Mold treatment of 15 square feet in an accessible area with a less aggressive type of mold: $3,400

  • Mold treatment of 27 square feet inside an HVAC system and that required a higher level of chemicals and processes: $9,500
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