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Prom generally takes place between March and early June. Professional makeup artists can apply event makeup prior to the dance. Common styles requested for prom makeup include bold and glamorous, natural and clean, soft and romantic, smokey eyes, bold lips, or gentle glow. Several factors affect the cost of prom makeup.


Makeup artists may have one standard rate for prom makeup application, or they may vary their rate depending on the style requested. A prom look typically includes application of foundation and makeup for eyes, cheeks, lips and finishing touches. Lashes may or may not have an extra charge. Here are some examples of standard rates:


False eyelashes are available as part of prom makeup. Some makeup artists include the cost and application of the lashes in their base rate, while others charge an additional fee. Rates typically cover strip lashes, application and trimming. Ashley Sedmak Hair & Makeup and Amanda Gleason Makeup Artist both charge $10 for event lashes.


A popular trend in prom makeup is airbrushing and contouring. This technique requires special equipment and technical skills so the overall cost of service will likely be higher. Some makeup artists do include airbrushing in their base rate, however. Amanda Gleason Makeup Artist charges an additional $10 fee for airbrushing, for a total of $75 for event makeup and airbrush application.


Many makeup artists also offer prom hair services. By bundling hair and makeup together, customers can save on the per service cost than if paying for each service individually.

Trial makeup

Many makeup artists offer a trial application for event makeup. Some pros include this service in their total fee, while others charge an additional cost for the service, especially if it includes travel. Because prom makeup is generally less expensive than other services, such as wedding makeup, a trial application will likely be equal to or slightly less than the standard event makeup rate.


Clients may request that a makeup artist travel to their home or location, in which case transportation costs may be billed to the client to account for the makeup artist’s time and transportation expenses.


Makeup artists in larger cities with higher costs of living typically will charge higher rates for prom makeup services than those living in more rural areas and other places with lower costs of living.

Pro tip:

  • To secure your favored makeup artist—especially for in-demand evenings like prom—you’ll typically have to pay deposit. Raven Reed Bridal & Event Makeup Artist requires a 50 percent deposit that is nonrefundable.
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