How much will your pool table repair services cost?

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How much does it cost to refelt a pool table?

Pool table refelting will likely cost you several hundred dollars. For example, Classic Home Billiards charges 300-$495 to refelt a pool table.

One of the company's commercial clients re-covers seven 9-foot professional tables each year with tournament-grade felt. The job takes 14 hours at $450 per table, which includes a $45 discount per table because of the quantity. In general, pool table repair services cost the following.

Pool table repair costs:

National average cost $425
Average cost range $400-$500
Low-end cost $260-$300
High-end cost $675-$940

Keep reading to learn more about the cost to refelt a pool table and how to get price estimates from pros in your area.

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Factors that impact the cost to refelt a pool table

From the pool table's size to its slate thickness, there are several factors that will drive the cost up or down.

Pool table size

Size also determines both initial pool table cost and subsequent re-covering costs. Larger tables require more felt and take longer to re-cover. Professional pool tables are 9 feet long, says Bruce Wortman of Classic Home Billiards, while most furniture-style pool tables are 8 feet long.

Pro tip: When buying a pool table for a home, measure the room you plan to put it in to make sure the table you want to buy will fit. A new pool table can cost anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 or more, depending on what type of finishes it has. Custom pool tables are the most expensive.

Pool table fabric

The type of fabric used to re-cover a pool table affects the overall cost of the job. Felt used for recovering pool tables is a wool blend that's different from the felt available at craft stores.

Classic Home Billiards uses a standard wool felt with a nap for many of its customers. There's also an upgraded tournament-grade felt, which can be made with a nylon blend or pure worsted wool. This felt is more expensive and has less nap, which means the balls travel faster. For a fancy spin on the standard pool table look, you can opt for a two-tone felt application, with one color for the table surface and another color for the rails.

If you're providing commercial tables for tournament-level players or just want to play your home game at the next level, choose your felt according to the World Pool-Billiard Association tournament equipment regulations. The cloth used "must be non-directional, nap-free billiard fabric which will not pill or fluff, composed of between 80% and 85% combed worsted wool, and between 15% and 20% nylon. 100% combed worsted wool fabric is preferred. No backed cloth will be allowed. Only the colors of yellow-green, blue-green or electric blue are acceptable for WPA competition."

Travel fees

On average, re-covering a pool table takes between two and four hours. Some pool table specialists charge a travel fee, so be sure to clarify whether it's included in the quote or not.

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How often should you refelt a pool table?

When cared for properly, quality pool table felt can last approximately a decade. Pool table professionals can repair, restore and recondition personal and commercial pool tables. Replacing felt is actually one of the more frequent requests from businesses and homeowners.

Signs you need to refelt your pool table

A quality pool felt that's properly applied allows your balls to glide seamlessly across the table's surface. But if the felt shows pilling, rips, snags or loose patches, it will result in cue balls that go astray, missed shots and a rotten game for everyone.

Pro tip: Most playing surfaces of pool tables are made from slate — either a one-piece slate slab or three slate pieces set together. The thickness of the slate slabs affects the initial pool table purchase cost, with thicker slabs usually costing more. Wortman prefers three-piece slate slab tables because there is less opportunity for the table to sag in the middle over time.

How to take care of pool table felt

A pool table, whether for commercial use or play, is a big investment. These tips will help prevent early aging.

  • Place your pool table away from sunlight. Prevent the felt's color from fading by placing your pool table away from large windows. Also, use a cover or consider window tinting to protect it.
  • Keep beverages off the pool table. If you think your friends or family might spill anyway, apply a fabric protector or stain repellant. If you have kids, Wortman recommends the felt with spill guard.
  • Don't sit on your pool table. You can damage the rail cushions, but over time you can also push the pool table out of balance.

How to hire a pro to refelt your pool table

Refelting a pool table is a skilled trade that requires specialized tools, the proper type of cloth and adhesive and the right technique to ensure a smooth application. Experienced pool table owners can do their own repairs, but if you're new to the task, it's best to turn it over to a pro. If the felt is not properly applied, the uneven table surface can lead to frustration and lost games.

Here are some tips to ensure you hire the best pool table refelting service:

  • Read client reviews and follow up with references to make sure you're choosing the right pool table professional for your project.
  • Check their credentials. Some pool table professionals are certified by various manufacturers and have experience refelting particular types of pool tables. It's a good idea to use a pro with relevant experience to protect your investment.
  • Verify their business license and insurance. Insurance can protect you and your home in case the pro accidentally damages your table or is injured on the job.
  • Ask about warranties. Find out if they warranty their labor against installation-related problems, and always get a signed receipt that outlines the cost of the work and any warranty details.
  • Get cost estimates from three pros. This way, you'll know whether you'd be paying a fair price for their services.

For more helpful hiring tips, check out these tips for smart hiring.

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There's nothing like owning a pool table to take your cool factor through the roof. Pool tables are used for recreation or professional competition, and higher-end tables are good investments. Pool table maintenance is relatively affordable — as long as you treat the table with love and respect.

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