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Pool table professionals can repair, restore and recondition billiards tables of all kinds, whether they are for personal use or part of a commercial establishment. Pool tables are used for recreation or professional competition, and higher-end tables are good investments. Refelting a pool table is a skilled trade that requires specialized tools, the proper type of cloth and adhesive, and the right technique to ensure a smooth application. If the felt is not properly applied, the uneven table surface can lead to missed shots and lost games. Several factors affect the cost of refelting a personal or commercial pool table.

Average costs

In general, the felt on a pool table should be replaced every three years, recommends Bruce Wortman of Classic Home Billiards in Charlotte, North Carolina, although the felt can last up to 10 years if cared for properly. When re-covering a table, the pros remove the existing fabric, smooth out any nicks or chips in the slate surface of the pool table, remove old adhesive for an optimally smooth playing surface, then stretch and apply the new fabric. The average cost for Classic Home Billiards to refelt a pool table is $300–$495. One of the company’s commercial clients recovers seven 9-foot professional tables each year with tournament-grade felt. The job takes 14 hours at a cost of $450 per table, which includes a $45 discount per table because of the quantity.

Pool tables

Most playing surfaces of pool tables are made from slate—either a one-piece slate slab or three slate pieces set together. Wortman with Classic Home Billiards prefers three-piece slate slab tables because there is less opportunity for the table to sag in the middle over time. The thickness of the slate slabs affects the initial pool table purchase cost, with thicker slabs usually costing more. Size also affects initial pool table cost as well as its subsequent re-covering costs. Larger tables require more felt and take longer to re-cover. Professional pool tables are 9 feet long, says Wortman of Classic Home Billiards, while most furniture-style pool tables are 8 feet long. When buying a pool table for a home, the size of the room it will be in is the biggest determining factor for what size to buy. A new pool table can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 or more, depending on what type of finishes it has. Custom pool tables are the most expensive.

Time and travel fees

On average, re-covering a pool table takes between two and four hours, says Wortman of Classic Home Billiards. This company doesn’t have a travel fee if a job is within a 50-mile radius. Some pool table specialists charge a travel fee, so be sure to clarify whether it’s included in the quote or not.


Some pool table professionals are certified by various manufacturers and have experience refelting particular types of pool tables. It’s a good idea to use a pro with relevant experience to protect your investment. Classic Home Billiards is certified by a range of manufacturing brands, including Diamond and Brunswick.


The type of fabric used to re-cover a pool table affects the overall cost of the job. Felt used for re-covering pool tables is a wool blend and is different than the felt available at craft stores. Classic Home Billiards uses a standard wool felt with a nap for many of its customers. There is also an upgraded tournament-grade felt, which is usually made with a nylon blend. This felt is more expensive and has less nap, which produces a higher speed for the balls.

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