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Prevent identify theft and fraud for your home or business with professional document destruction. Pros with top-notch security systems in place provide paper and document destruction on your behalf, at either your location or their premises. Professional facilities are able to shred paper, cardstock, cardboard, plastic, media and other materials. From one box to hundreds of pounds of paper, document shredding companies have you covered.

Paper shredding is used across all industries. Some of the largest clients of this service are those that work with confidential client or patient information, such as the insurance, dental, medical and legal fields. Document destruction isn’t just for big businesses; individual households can have documents destroyed on a one-time or recurring basis to maintain privacy and prevent identity theft. Some individuals just do it once a year after tax season. If you have a large volume of personal papers that need safe destruction, hire a company to provide a secured container for your location and securely dispose of the contents once a month or more. If you’re interested in protecting privacy with shredding services, here are the cost factors involved.

One-time service

A one time service — known as a purge in the industry — can safely clean out those boxes of old files, tax documents and other sensitive papers you’ve been unsure what to do with. Companies may have different rates for onsite and offsite destruction. With onsite destruction, the company brings a mobile shredding machine to your location; with offsite destruction, the company picks up your material, brings it to its own facility, and quickly destroys it in industrial machines. Onsite destruction costs more because the fee accounts for the time company employees must spend at your location. Here is an example of one-time residential or smaller-scale commercial document destruction costs:

  • Onsite job of up to 10 boxes: $125 from Darryl Pikoos of Paper Cuts, Inc. in San Fernando, California.

    • $125 is the minimum charge for mobile service from this company.
  • Offsite service of up to 10 boxes: $75-$80 from Paper Cuts, Inc.

Ongoing residential service

Clients can arrange for an ongoing document destruction service. Typically the service agreement provides a secure container that the company will collect each week, each month, or as arranged. Here is one example of cost:

  • One 64-gallon bin: $40 per month from Paper Cuts, Inc.

    • Holds up to 200 pounds of documents.
  • One heavy-duty teflon bag: $30 per month from Paper Cuts, Inc.

    • The bag self-seals, and the company picks it up and exchanges it for a new bag.

Commercial service

Commercial services are available for every size company from small mom-and-pop operations to large corporations disposing of thousands of pounds of paper per month. The more containers a company uses, the higher the overall cost, but the lower the price per container. Here are two examples of the cost of a medium-sized and larger-scale shredding service:

  • Medium-sized company: 5 bins per month: $90 per month from Paper Cuts, Inc.

    • $30 for the first container, and $15 per additional container.
  • Large company: 100 bins per month: $1,200-$1,500 per month from Paper Cuts, Inc.

    • $12-$15 per container, per service.


Research the security measures your intended document shredding agency has in place. Pikoos says that all Paper Cuts, Inc. employees are licensed, bonded and insured, as well as being certified with the National Association of Information Destruction. All the documents and materials transported by Paper Cuts, Inc. are locked in secured containers and vehicles, and each client gets a certificate of destruction for each occurrence.

Additional services

Many document destruction companies offer other services. "We offer secure document storage, electronic waste recycling, hard drive destruction, and in-house imaging and scanning," says Pikoos at Paper Cuts, Inc. “We charge 25 cents per box per month to store documents on site with us — allowing you 24/7 access to them. We also fax, scan, and deliver papers on your behalf. A lot of doctors and lawyers work with us in this way because no one has space these days.”

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