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How much do snow plow services cost?

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The average cost for a snow plower is $65. You are likely to spend between $45 and $100 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Snow removal providers are available for one-time or ongoing services for commercial and residential locations. Short driveways, walkways, sidewalks and paths are common areas in need of shoveling. Professionals can provide a snow blower and shovel or the property owner can provide these tools. Larger areas, such as commercial parking logs, require snowplow equipment. Pros can deal with surfaces that are flat, moderately sloped, steep or varied. Several factors affect the cost of snow removal.


Residential snow removal services generally cost less than commercial services because the space to be cleared is smaller. Some professionals base pricing on the size of the area to be cleared or how often the customer wants snow removed. Others charge a monthly set rate.

Per-service rates

Some residential snow blowers charge a flat rate for each service visit, based on the size of the driveway or sidewalk to be cleared. The larger the area, the higher the cost.

  • Here are some examples of tiered pricing from Little Buddies Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

    • Average one- to two-car driveway: $35 per visit

    • Average two- to three-car driveway: $40 per visit

    • Three-car, 150-foot driveway: $60 per visit

Front pathways and sidewalks are included in all of the above costs. Some providers charge extra for paths.

  • Extreme Lawns in Minnetonka, Minnesota, charges $30–$60 for one-time snow removal services, with prices based on driveway size.

Monthly rates

Some professionals charge a set monthly service rate, regardless of snowfall. Whether no snow falls at all or blizzards wreak havoc all month, customers pay the same monthly fee. Extreme Lawns charges monthly rates of $120–$130. The company plows any time two inches of snow accumulates or after a snowstorm has finished. In cases of large snowstorms over days, the company plows in increments.


Many snow removal providers offer lawn care services outside of the snow season. Year-round customers sometimes receive a discount on the overall cost for snow removal and lawn care services. Some customers receive discounts for agreeing to repeat or monthly services rather than paying on a per-service basis. Little Buddies Services offers a 5 percent discount to customers who sign up for a monthly service and a 10 percent discount to customers who sign up for year-round lawn and snow removal services. Extreme Lawns offers a 10 percent discount to customers who sign up for year-round lawn and snow removal services.


Commercial snow plow services tend to cost more because they cover larger surfaces. Costs are usually based on the square footage of the area to be cleared, what type of obstacles are present and how difficult the terrain is to navigate.

  • Little Buddies Services charges the following for commercial snow plow services:

    • Approximately 20,000-square-foot area with minimal obstacles: $450 per snowfall

    • Approximately 50,000-square-foot area with several obstacles and more challenging terrain: $900 per snowfall


Geographic location affects the cost of snow removal services. Pros in larger cities and regions with a higher cost of living typically charge higher rates for services than those in more rural areas or locations with more snow plow competition.

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