How much will your spanish lessons cost?

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Spanish Tutors on Thumbtack cost$30 - $50

Average hourly price

  • Lowest price:$10
  • Most common low price:$30
  • Most common high price:$50
  • Highest price:$52

How much do spanish lessons cost?

Spanish lessons are available for students of all skill levels and ages. People seek out lessons to gain basic reading and writing skills, conversational proficiency, full literacy and fluency, as well as professional or academic-level comprehension. Several factors affect the cost of Spanish lessons.

Group lessons

Group instruction typically costs less per lesson than one-on-one sessions. Group lessons are often sold as courses that last as long as a few weeks to a full semester. Here are pricing examples for group Spanish lessons:

  • Spanish with Elizabeth in Eugene, Oregon: $100 for an eight-week course, with one 60-minute group class per week

  • SunSpanish, in Marin County, California: $175 per month for five 90-minute group classes—new students must register and pay for a two-month enrollment upfront.

Private lessons

Private instruction increases the cost per lesson to account for the student’s full use of a teacher’s time. Private lessons vary in cost depending on session length and other factors. Often instructors provide discounts when classes are purchased as a package or bundled with other services. Here are SunSpanish’s tiered pricing options for 60-minute private lessons:

  • $50 per class for two students learning together ($100 total per class)

  • $65 per class for students paying the monthly group lesson tuition

  • $70 per class for students taking at least two private classes per week

  • $90 per class for students not enrolled in concurrent group classes

Spanish with Elizabeth charges $30 for one 60-minute private lesson.

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When a Spanish instructor travels to the student’s home or office, additional travel fees may apply to cover the cost of their time and transportation expenses.

Cost-saving strategies

Consistency is the key to learning a language, and loyalty to one instructor is helpful for saving money. Many instructors offer reduced prices for continuing students, such as the $10 discount that Spanish with Elizabeth offers to group lesson students who are re-enrolling for a consecutive term.

Pro tip:

  • Find out if a teacher is a good fit before buying a lesson package. LA Spanish Tutor offers a free 30-minute session via phone or video chat to suss things out on both sides.
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